Friday, 11 August 2017

Picture This #414 ~ Landmarks

First of all thankyou for featuring my photo as banner last week. Unfortunately I was not here as we spent last week-end visiting my son in Schaffhausen and I actually left my computer for two days. However I compensated by taking over 200 photos in Schaffhausen. As usual I am posting on Friday as my Saturday morning plans do not fit with Picture This.

And now for this week. I chose Landmark as to be quite honest, it was all that came to my mind. I am sure wherever you live, you have your own landmarks.

If you visit Shaffhausen, you take a photo of the Rheinfall

Rheinfall 06.08 (25)

On the way to Schaffhausen you pass through the station of Gösgen in Kanton Solothurn, just 40 minutes by road from where we live. It has a nuclear power plant, built in 1979, so what could be better as a landmark. You even see the steam rising through the clouds if you fly over it.  I always try for a photo when I take this route. It is only steam that comes out of the chimney, they say, nothing dangerous. One day we will make an excursion by car so that I can get up closer and don't take your geiger counter with you, they will not let you in.
Gösgen 06.08 (2)

This is Schloss Laufen which towers above the Rheinfall. There is a train,  but also a lift.
Schloss Laufen 06.08 (28)

And our cathedral, St. Urs in Solothurn. I took this photo today.
Road to Langendorf 11.08 (4)


  1. Utterly grandeous waterfall.

    It is quite a cool structure

    Majestic castle and church

  2. Hi Pat !! Many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme, don't think we've done this one before. Wow, those waterfalls on the Rhein are really dramatic. I can sense the power of the water in your shot. That boat-ride must be exciting. Have you been on it? The cooling-tower at the nuclear plant is certainly impressive, but I'll keep my distance, thanks!!Love that castle in the third shot, I'd love to take a trip up to it in that glass elevator!! Lovely shot of the cathedral.

  3. Lovely shots. Thank you for hosting.

  4. Hi Pat wow love all your shots
    thanks for hosting