Saturday, 31 August 2013

Picture This #215 ~ Red

Lovely header photo by  Benni.

I think this must be the third time I have had to post my red photos in some sort of bloggy thing, so I hope I am not repeating.

Here is a robin in the garden last Winter.
Robin in garden

One of our red skies in the village taken from the garden
Sunset over Feldbrunnen

This was a table decoration in a restaurant
A drowning rose

Picture This #215 ~ Red

Hi all!! Another great theme this week, and a great coincidence for me!! 

All I think I need to say is that it is the Bournemouth Air Festival this weekend with the RAF Red Arrows the main attraction.  

Here are my three choices for the week;)






 photo a467f983-0242-4465-9ce9-4390b375a60c.jpg

KAPUZINERKRESS DSC00567-1 photo DSC00567-1-1.jpg

JAPANESE TEA HOUSE  photo b4ba7d0b-83a2-4f3c-9edf-258454a4e6ab.jpg

Picture This #215 ~ Red






This little red bridge strands the narrow creek that flows through the lower garden of Krapperup Castle,  NW Scania.

This photo was taken at 10 past 10 am on the 10th of October, 2010. It is the ivy that covers a pillar near the gate in our wall.

This shot depicts the flower bed in the back garden the summer when the poppies weren't blow to bits.

Picture This #215 ~ Red

All of these were taken here in North Carolina

Picture This #215 ~ Red

Congratulations Benni on your photo chosen for this week's banner. Beautiful reflection of Chicago in The Bean.
Next to Mitch, thanks for choosing the color Red for this week's theme. Red is a dominant color and I could have selected many photos with the color. It's not an obscure color that's for sure.

I was driving through an orchard a few years and passed this red shed. I liked the contrast of the flowers colors with the shed.

We went to New York City close to the Christmas Season. This was set up in a fountain on 6th Avenue. It offset the drab color of the buildings across the avenue.

I have a wonderful hibiscus shrub in my yard that produces these bright red flowers. I took a close up shot of the flower. I wanted to photograph the stamen and the folds in the petals.

The classic red car is parked in the driveway of Hildene in Manchester, Vermont.

Picture This #215 ~ Red

Thank you, Mitch, for choosing my photograph of the Bean in Chicago as the banner picture. I'm really honored.

"Red" is a great and challenging theme. My husband and I were talking about why red might be so rare especially in the temperate climes. Florida has red all over the place but, except for cardinals, we rarely see true red up north in nature, as you said, at least not in birds or flowers.

Holland lighthouse "Big Red"
One of our Michigan landmarks is this lighthouse known as "Big Red".

At Roma Bakery in Lansing, one can find pastries with red grapes, cherries and strawberries.

Red flower
This, of course, is Florida. I have no idea what the flower is named, but bees like it.


Good to see the new banner! Congratulations, Benni!
Red is my favourite colour and my Red folder has many photos. The choice was not easy at all.

Carrying red traffic cones

Red Kiosk

Red Mugs

I think many of you have been having a warm or even hot summertime. Let's enjoy a red coloured refreshment. 
 I've no idea about its ingredients. I took the photo on my way to Bratislava Castle. 

Picture This #215 ~ Red

Hi Mitch, Red is not my color at all, it's Belita's.  :)
Here are my contribution, all were taken in New York.

red roses 

red clothes

red car

Friday, 30 August 2013

Picture This #215 ~ RED

Hi everyone!! This is Mitch, and I'll be your host for this week. Earlier in the year I decided it would be fun that on the weeks where I host the challenge, I would post themes based on the three primary colours: Green, Blue and Red. I posted the 'Green' theme in early summer and there was a good response. More recently I posted 'Summertime Blue', which was another popular theme. So now here is the third primary colour: RED!!

When I thought about it, I realised that red is the least commonly found primary colour in nature. With green you can see fields, grass,'s all over the place. Again, with blue.....the sky, the sea....there's a lot of blue. But with red, you have to look more carefully. With the exception, maybe, of a fiery sunset, red tends to be smaller in flowers or red birds, for example. A lot of the red we do see around us usually comes from human-made things. 

So, lets see your photos of 'red'....both natural, and human-made. Here are mine:

1) Fishing boat at Tenby harbour, left high and dry by the outgoing tide. Aground

2)  This parrot was having trouble staying awake in the Florida heat.
Sleeping Parrot

3) A lifeguard on duty at Saundersfoot beach. Baywatch, UK style!! LOL.
Looking For Trouble

4) Bonus shot. You didn't really think I'd post 'red' without getting a red flower in here somewhere, did you??? LOL.
Bold Scarlet

Monday, 26 August 2013

Picture This #214 ~ Person, Place And Thing

Thank you Debby for selecting a great theme for this week. We were in Vermont a few weeks ago and I have three photos that will suit this theme.
Our first stop in Vermont was Bennington. We parked and explored the downtown. There are statues of catamounts throughout downtown. Catamounts are mountain lions or cougars that lived in the Green Mountains. Supposedly they are extinct. These statues are painted and decorated in various themes.
Here is one of them. The scenes on this cat depict Vermont in the Autumn, a white-steepled church, and the clock which is on the main intersection of town.

We traveled to Manchester and lodged there. There is a beautiful home in town overlooking the mountains. It was the home of Robert Todd Lincoln, the only surviving son of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Robert loved this area and named his estate Hildene. The family moved there in 1905 and the last surviving family member died in 1975.

We stopped at a nearby farm on our last full day in Vermont. I carried my smaller digital camera with me and took some photos inside the market. I saw a bin with beautiful green vegetables and raised my camera to compose the shot when this woman called to me and directed me to take this shot. In my conversation with he, I learned she came from my state Connecticut and moved to Vermont when she retired.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Picture This #214 ~ People, Place And Thing

Thanks so much for a great theme, Debby!!

People. Fishing at Holmdel Park

Place:  Thompson Park, Middletown
Thompson Park, Middletown

Things - Gas Pump Handles
Gas Pump Handles

Picture This #214 ~ Person, Place And Thing

Lovely banner photo from Baz at the top.
And thanks for hosting this week Debby with such a good idea.

My first photo of people is: what else could it be? Three jazz musicians having fun in a trio. The drummer is my husbands teacher, the bloke playing guitar a good friend of ours and an an excellent accordionist.
Silvano Borzachiello

The town of Biel/Bienne - one of their numous canals flowing into the Lake of Biel
Canal in Biel

And the object is a Solothurn police car
Solothurn Police Car

Picture This #214 ~ Person, Place And Thing

Thank you, Debby, for an imaginative theme!! So many to choose from and I even shot one especially for this week, but then decided not to use it. Later, I am sure.

TE, FL 2009
Our first Florida trip. Tom got a very bad sun rash and this was the only long sleeved shirt I could find. He thought he looked like a giant mango.

Chicago, The Bean 2
Chicago reflected in "The Bean", a large stainless steel sculpture the shape of a kidney bean.

Dream Cruise
At the Detroit "Dream Cruise" I decided to try this picture inspired by many of Nico's shots. I don't think he needs to worry; I am quite the beginner at this. Our red Corvette reflected in the headlight of a 1930 Ford Model A coupe.

Cropped a little tighter. Definitely something I can play with. Thanks, Mitch.