Saturday, 31 August 2013

Picture This #215 ~ Red

Lovely header photo by  Benni.

I think this must be the third time I have had to post my red photos in some sort of bloggy thing, so I hope I am not repeating.

Here is a robin in the garden last Winter.
Robin in garden

One of our red skies in the village taken from the garden
Sunset over Feldbrunnen

This was a table decoration in a restaurant
A drowning rose


  1. Hi Pat !! Three great entries for the theme. No, I don't think you are repeating, I don't recall seeing any of these before. Lovely shot of the Robin. I love to see how they plump themselves up in cold weather. Beautiful sunset sky in the second shot, and a really nice table-decoration in the last shot.

  2. Lovely photos, Pat

    Stunning sky shot!
    I really like the rose in romantic.

  3. Beautiful shots. What a great capture of the poor little robin redbreast! I like the sky and also the delicate photo of the rose in crystal - so many interesting elements.

  4. All three glorious shots of Mother Nature's gifts! Lovely!

  5. all three are great Pat I like the sky the best

  6. Pretty little bird.

    Stunning sunset.

    Beautiful flower.

  7. hi pat, cool pics but the coolest is the first one

  8. Great shots,Pat!

    What a pretty Robin! Not at all like our robins here. I love the mossy tree branches!

    Wow, the red sky over the village looks angry!

    The rose in the bowl of water is my favorite!

  9. Beautiful photos, Pat. I've never photographed birds and I admire how you captured this well. The red sky is fabulous. Beautiful photo of the rose in the bowl of water.

  10. Awesome photos Pat. The bird and the rose are my favorit.

  11. Three different photos, yet all very beautiful. I love the red rose arrangement. Very simple and very elegant...