Sunday, 1 September 2013

Picture This #215 ~ Red

Lady in Red
(Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, NYC)

Silver & Red Hookah
(Sheepshead Bay, NYC)

Red Phone Booth 
( Earl's Court, London)


  1. Hi Debby! Your first picture is an enchantment; I love this woman and how you have captured her. Beautiful hookah and great composition on the phone booth.

  2. Three lovely photos in Red. I like the last one, it's simple and it's Red. :)

  3. Hi Debby, I love how you processed the photo of the woman at the medieval festival. It gives her an aura of enchantment. The hookah is an interesting shot. I like the red phone booth in LOndon.

  4. Hi Debby!! Three wonderful shots for the theme!! The Lady In Red' would have been a great shot anyway. but the addition of the soft-focus edges gives it a beautiful dream-like quality. Great shot of the hookah with the lion's-head fountain behind it. Classic British phone box in the third shot!!

  5. Replies
    1. well your telephone booth is more elegant and newer than mine. lol

  6. Three unique red photos! I like the editing on the lady with the harp. The hookah is something you don't see everyday, neither is that phone booth unless you live in the UK. I would love to make a phone call from that booth!

  7. Beautiful celtic lady.

    Marvellous shot.

    Classic read phonebooth.

  8. Marvelous photos all, the Lady in red is my favorite.

  9. The first photo has a bit of mystery to it. Love the light effects on the second. I thought I was home again in London with the third - love it

  10. Great photos Deb, as always... three different ones and I can't say which one I prefer most.