Sunday, 8 September 2013

Picture This #216 ~ Light

Xmas at Cesenatico





  1. Hi Nico!! You've posted some beautiful shots for the theme!! The first one is my favourite, the still water makes for perfect light reflections. Great shot of the 'light tunnels' in the entrance to the shop. The two shots of French towns at night are also very nice :-))

  2. Beautiful lighting in all your photos, I like the light reflections in the first, and the atmosphere in the French village.

  3. Hi Nico. I am so glad you like this theme. What a marvelous and magical capture of the rigging of the boats in your first shot. Fascinating little "horseshoe" entryways in Spain with their muted colors. I enjoy your glowing pictures of the French towns, especially the one with the church in the background. If I had to pick a favorite, I would pick the top one. It seems that the boats have crèche scenes on them, very special for Christmas.

  4. Love the silverly lights reflected in the canal.

    Cool blue.

    Exquisite evening skies.

    Love the mellow yellow light on the streetscene.

  5. I love the reflections in the water on the first shot, so clear. The second is interesting and the third and fourth look very romantic.

  6. I love all of these, beautiful lights!

  7. Nico, these are lovely shots. I love the still reflection of the boats. Great image of the store in Spain. The French village shots have a wonderful soft glow. I like the last image because the street is deserted and the church spire is illuminated brightly.

  8. That first photo is fascinating and beautiful, Nico. I love the costumes.They look sort of ghostly, mystic.

    The Imaginarium looks like an interesting store. Cool lights around the door. I like the smaller door for the little ones. At a local chain restaurant in Georgia(The Dwarf House) they have a special little door for children to go in and out of.

    I love the lighting in the last two photographs of the village in France. I wish I could have achieved that look when we were in Place d'Italie. We had so much to see in such a short time period, all of my shots are just quick, brief snatches. I would love to live in Paris and study art there.