Saturday, 7 September 2013


Thanks, Benni, for the good choice of the theme! I like it as much as the banner for the week...Congratulations, Robert!!

Last weekend, I took the three photos below  during my stay at a family farm, in the Alentejo, a region that's about the size of Wales. The region is Portugal's most important cork growing area. The farm is of the so-called agro-eco-system Montado. Montado is the Portuguese word for woodland of evergreen cork oak. It's very good for wildlife but it's by no means a wilderness but rather a natural ecosystem of woodland and pasture which has been adapted for farming in a sustainable way for more than a thousand years.

The first photo shows a window of a renovated gypsies' caravan that has been turned into one of the shops that the farm has for the direct sale of the produces.

In the second photo you see 'My new friend'

The third photo I would title it 'Light at the end of a hot day'


  1. Three beautiful photographs, Belita. Your first picture is stunning. I love the shadows and reflections, the tree in the window and the shoes and teapot hanging to the right. What a sweet cat - burying treasure? The warm tones and variety of textures make this picture special. The bottom picture is so peaceful. I suppose my favorite is the top one, but I love them all.

    And how wonderful to have a system that is sustainable for a thousand years.

  2. Lovely photos, the light turns blue into different shades, reminds me of Aegean sea during the night. I like the second one the best, the overall earthy tone with soft light, and the little yellow flowers lay in the foreground, plays delicate part of the light. This is just my opinion as an amateur painter. :)

  3. hi belita, nice light shots. adieu

  4. Hi Belita!! Three lovely shots for Benni's theme. I love how the light is falling on the window in the first photo. Nice cat in the second shot, he seems to be testing his footing in that straw. I like how his colour matches that of the straw. Beautiful quality of light in the third shot, it looks so peaceful.

    I've done some playing around and have fixed the problem you had with inserting words between the images.

  5. What a lovely and quaint shot of the caravan.

    Awfully cute.

    Beautiful sunset.

  6. Of course I love the cat photo, is something special in the build and colour. You have caught the reflections and shadows very well in the first and the third is something special the way the sun is shining through the tree.

  7. I like the light and reflection in the window and the blue color too.

    The cat photo is a great capture in a perfect setting!

    I like the amber color in the last photo...Three great examples of light!

  8. Fabulous photos Belita. There was a documentary made of the farm where you were. it was very interesting to watch how the got the cork bark off the trees, and what a beautiful place.

  9. What beautiful photos, Belita. Your window images are done so well. You should display them in a gallery. They reveal some much about the places you visit. I love your new friend playing in the light. The last image is a great capture of the end of the day. I love the rich brown tones in the soil.

  10. I love the gypsy caravan photo. I've wanted a gypsy wagon since reading The Diddakoi by Rumer Godden in 1972.

    Your new friend is very pretty. Unique coloring and markings. She/he blends in so well with the grasses.

    The evening light in the last photo is wonderful.