Saturday, 7 September 2013

Picture This #216 ~ Light

Thanks for hosting Benni and a very theme. So here I go, being careful to choose something never seen before. I find light effects more luck than understanding when I manage a good capture.

This is a souvenir my husband brought from one of his numerous visits to Sweden (working for a Swedish car company). The reflection of the candle shows Castle Läckö in Sweden.

Light effects Castle Läckö, Rörstrand, Sweden,

This is the National Cemetery in Vienna. Just a grave I thought worth a photo. I did nothing to the photo, and when I checked it at home on the computer I saw these interesting light effects. Almost like a message from beyond. The sun just happened to be shining in the right place at the right time.
The light seemed to be playing with the Swallow Tail Butterfly wings on this photo.
Swallowtail Butterfly


  1. Hi Pat, nice to see you and three marvelous pictures. I love that candle holder and how nicely you have captured the light showing Castle Läckö. The second photograph is totally fantastic, you are right, it does look like a message from beyond. Haunting! And what a beautiful butterfly, a perfect morning light shot and so bright and cheery. Great macro.

  2. Great photos! Pat
    What a mystery the light in the cemetery! and the butterfly and the flowers are stunningly pretty!

  3. Hi Pat !! Three excellent choices for the theme. Love that Swedish candle-holder!! I wouldn't mind one of those myself. Perfectly timed shot of the sunlight breaking through in the second shot. Creates an eerie effect, like a spirit departing!! Beautiful shot of the swallow-tail in the last shot!!

  4. My word Pat, three fabulous photos and like Mitch, I would love to have a candle that does that. The light on the grave is awesome and must have come from above. Loves the butterfly and the way the light is playing with it too.

  5. Great shots, Pat! Very beautiful that souvenir from Sweden... love the second photo for the mysterious light... Perhaps the light was feeling envy of the beauty of the butterfly...

  6. hi Pat lovely shots but the third one is superb. I love butterflies

  7. Beautiful glass lantern.

    How wonderful that you could get the shot at this particular moment. It is truly beautiful.

    Amazing macro shot.

  8. I like the light from Sweden, very unique.
    The second does look like a message from beyond! What a surprise that must have been.
    The butterfly is beautiful especially with that light!

  9. Pat, I like the image of the lantern. The shot of the grave is amazing. Maybe it's serendipity. Great capture of the butterfly in the light.

  10. Hi Pat! I like the candle holder and the pretty peachy, orange, yellow shades...and the castle!

    What an interesting capture of the grave site and the light. I like the tombstone and the pansies in the built in planter. Very clever construction.

    The last is my favorite. Absolutely wonderful capture!