Saturday, 21 September 2013

Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

The photo from Nico impressed me when I saw it last week. A great header for PT.

Welcome home again Mitch from your travels and hope you have now settled in and have unpacked the camera and are ready to go.

Here are the entries of the Swiss panel for this week.

Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen, just around the corner from where I live. This was the Summer residence of the French Ambassador to Switzerland around the 18th century. Belonged to the family Von Sury until a few years ago. Von Sury was a retired member of the Swiss Guard to the Pope in Rome. Now belongs to the Kanton.

The Gates of Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

This villa belongs to one of my neighbours. The land used to be a meadow for the local cow population. He bought the land and had a villa built. A local business man, but he has a lovely wife and three wonderful children. They have a playground in the garden equivalent to a children's park. Why not? He keeps our basic tax rate nice and low.

The old town walls of Solothurn, known as the Schanz. Our open air operas are performed at the top during summer, otherwise a nice place to take a walk and sit down. At the moment the moat surface is being used for part of our Autumn Fair.
Schanz, Solothurn


  1. Hi Pat!! Three great entries for the theme. Very imposing gates in the first shot. No-one walks in there unannounced!! I would guess from your 'neighbour's' house, he's not on a low income!! Impressive town walls in the last shot. If I'm not mistaken the second and third shots have featured in some of your stories written for the WordPress prompt.

    1. They probably have, although in Blogger no-one really bothers to read my blogs (with a few exceptions which I really appreciate).

  2. Beautiful cast iron gate.

    Wonderful shot of the villa.

    A truly impressive castle.

  3. Nice work Pat I love all three;)

  4. Beautiful 'Swiss panel', Pat! Love the wrought iron gate... particularly the top section of it... From the outside of the villa, I can figure out how nice its interior must be... Old town walls always captivate my eyes...

  5. Great selection for the theme. I am impressed with the grandness of the gate and castle. Nice corner shot of the villa. It seems that this was taken in an upscale neighborhood in the States. The castle wall harkens to the Middle Ages when towns were protected from invaders. It must make a wonderful prop for the opera performances and I can imagine all of the vendors exhbiting their crafts during the Autumn Festival.

  6. A very ornate gate at suits the home quite nicely. I like the way they made the corner on the fence at your neighbors house *yay* for lower taxes. The wall is a nice historical element to your town and it looks in pretty good condition.
    Three really good photos for the theme.

  7. Lovely gate at Castle Waldegg. So decorative.

    A very sturdy looking fence around the villa. Not too imposing and enough to keep the little ones (and dogs?) safe.

    The last one is beautiful, Pat! Would love to sit there and sketch or paint.