Saturday, 14 September 2013

Picture This #217 ~ Many Or Few

Good morning all another wonderful theme this week. I decide to think a little "out of the box" this week  so here are my three contributions.

Have a wonderful weekend;)

Many lights on a Moonless night

The Lone Paddle Border

The Proud Mother of Many!!


  1. Hi Baz!! Three great shots for Belita's theme!! Fabulous night-time shot, many lights indeed!! Love that second shot, the light and colours are fantastic!! Had to look closely for the lone paddler!! LOL. Wonderful shot of Mother Swan and her cygnets :-))

    1. Thanks Mitch see you later in the day;)

  2. Thanks Mitch I love that second pic because the colours are just how they came out of the camera!

  3. Love the light effects on the first one. The second is a super study in various shades of blue and symmetry. Beautiful swans - we have a few "families" on our local river Aar and it is interesting to see how they change their colour.

  4. Amazing night shot. The building on the right looks like gold plated. Beautiful! Love the second shot for its minimalism, contrast and light... Lovely capture of the monoparental(?)swan family. Mother swan looks proud, indeed! The second is my favourite...

  5. Love the brigthly lit night in the city.

    Amazing shades of blue and grey.

    Beautiful swan and wonderful swanlings.

  6. Thank you once again for the picture of Woodward Avenue in the aging Queen city, Detroit. It is close to my heart. Your picture of the sea and sky is magic, Baz. And I love the swan and her cygnets. Can't pick a favorite.

  7. What a beautiful night shot. The second one is beautiful.
    And I love the Geese too.

  8. Baz, the night shot is great. Love the way you captured the lights with your exposure. Love the water shot and the geese too.

  9. Baz, Great shots for this theme. I love the cityscape at night. I love the colors in the second shot. Nice shot of the swan and her family.

  10. Beautiful work, Baz! I love that middle photo the best. Gorgeous color and light.