Sunday, 29 September 2013


Congratulations, Joanne! 
I love the new header. It's really a very nice shot.

One of the rooms you can see when you visit the Palace that was the residence of the Portuguese Royal Family that ruled the Country up to 1910 ROOM
A room that has not been furnished, yet (Lisbon)Room, not yet furnished
A ladies' room at a pastry shop in Lisbon
Ladies' room

Picture This #219 - Rooms In A House

Thanks so much for using my photo as the header this week!! Its one of my favorites. I don't take a lot of indoor shots so I really had to hunt this time. Here's what I came up with:

The chandelier in the entrance hall of the Vanderbilt house in Hyde Park, New York

The library at the Franklin D. Roosevelt house, also in Hyde Park

A library in Cardiff Castle, Wales
Cardiff Castle Library

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Picture This #219 ~ Rooms In A House

Hi all a great theme this week, I decide to "stretch" the term "Room" a little for my contributions these are rooms in houses of learning and study in Oxford and Oxford University.

Bodleian Library Main Hall, Oxford, England

Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Geology 

and  Hall of Palaeontology, Oxford England. 

Oxford University Book Shop "Outside in", Oxford 





DINING ROOM  photo DSC00289.jpg

WHAT WE DO BEST IN THE KITCHEN  photo 68308_449428519543_825174543_5216035_350844_n.jpg

Picture This #219 ~ Rooms In A House




Picture This #219 ~ Rooms In A House

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week's challenge. He's come up with a different theme this week, and it might be a bit more challenging for some, myself included as I rarely take indoor photos. I had to search through my archives to find some suitable shots. 

Before we get to my entries, I just wanted to clarify some things. Those of you who are on Facebook will probably have noticed my arrival there yesterday!! Two things I want to make clear. Firstly, no I'm NOT abandoning Blogger, it'll still be my primary site. Secondly, Picture This is NOT going to FB. I made a promise it would stay on Blogger and I'm keeping my word. I am, however, going to open a new group on FB. I won't be in direct competition to PT and it will have a different format. More news on that when it's done. Hope I've put your minds at rest. 

Ok, here are my entries for this week:

1) Servant's attic bedroom, Plas Mawr, Conwy, Wales. In this Elizabethan great-house, the servants lived and slept in the attic rooms. 
Attic Room 3

2) Living room in a worker's house, Batsto industrial village, New Jersey, USA.
A Place To Sit

3) Living room and fireplace, Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Despite it's name, it isn't a true castle, more a  grand manor house.
Picton castle Interior 2

Picture This #219 ~ Rooms In A House

I love that header from Joanne at the top. It reminds me of the nursery rhyme, "there was a crooked lady, that had a crooked house" etc. etc. Has a lot of character in the gate.

And now to see what houses I have visited and dared to take photos whilst there. I think I will leave my place out of it. You will have to come and see yourself some day.

This is the reverse part of the spiral staircase in our local armoury.

Armoury, Solothurn

Here we have the inside of an english betting shop, Oxlow Lane, Dagenham, London. My dad was placing his weekly bet, the man in the middle with his back to the camera and wearing an "Andy Cap". My dad always felt very much at home here.
Dad going to place his bet at Joe Corals

This is the goat shed at my friend's farm. It is a hobby of one of her children (she has seven) and they produce their own goat cheese. It is a room in a house, the goats feel very much at home here.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Picture This #219 ~ Rooms In A House

First I must say that I am enchanted by Joanne's magical banner.

I am sorry not to have participated last week, but I am back this week and intrigued by the theme. Most of the pictures of the inside of my house are really pictures of my cat. However, windows can capture the essence of a house so I am using these three, from the inside looking out.   Window with palms


                         Window with orchids
Dusty window with orchid

   Kitchen ledge
Kitchen at sunset

Picture This #219 - Rooms In A House

Hi all and greetings from Sweden. I am Anders and I'm your host this week. The theme this time is ROOMS IN A HOUSE. Looking forward to see your entries. Have a great day and enjoy. 

The dining room of my uncle's house at Christmas.


This bed stands in our lounge which is soon to be my mum's new bedroom when she moves down from the top floor.

This stairwell is located in the entry hall of Svaneholms Castle which lies in the southwest corner of Scania, near the third largest city of Sweden, Malmö (literally Ore Island)

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Oh crumbs, surely not too late, so sorry.

Wonderful banner from Nico, congratulations.
Great theme, Mitch, though not something I would  normally
take a picture of, purely because in Johannesburg, we live
behind 6 foot walls, with barbed wire, electric fencing
and huge closed locked automated gates, so mostly it looks
ugly, not worth a picture, a way of life, not worth a second
glance, until you get inside, maybe, maybe not. 

That said, I  thought about it on the way and back from shops 
this week and managed to find something that might
be of interest and not too ugly and prison like.

The Local Nursery School has a very colourful interesting puzzle pattern painted on what would otherwise have been an ugly prefabricated cement wall.

One of the many offices run from a house in our neighbourhood made a pretty relief of Lions flanking their gates.

Another home office has posted sentries outside, wonder if they are better than my watch dog and local Beagle Watch company?

I seriously was going to behave and try to stay out of trouble without any bonus shots this week, then changed my mind as decided on Take Away Fish tonite, so has time as not cooking, so here comes:

The Local Corner Shops getting a face lift


and my favourite kind of fence and gate out on the Farm, old rusted and dependable.
Old Fence and Gate

See you all later this week, maybe Sunday as going out to Heia Safari on Saturday

Thank you for popping past, love to all


Monday, 23 September 2013

Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

Here is a deer standing in front of the picnic area at one of the hotels we have stayed at. He read the sign, and is good, because he didn't bring any pets with him.

The next is a fence at one of the parks I have visited.

Fencing them in.

Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

( Please click on photos to enlarge) 

 This photo was taken at the Japanese Hill & Pond Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

This wall is part of the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial at Four Freedoms Park, Roosevelt Island, NYC.

This wall and gate are part of the Irish Hunger Memorial in NYC. 

Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

 Some of you may have seen this before (not sure):

 My favorite kind of fence is one that is close to the ocean:

I took this shot this morning at a cemetery. It seems the tree grew into the fence (not the first time I have seen this at a cemetery either)! The exposure is not so good due to it being cloudy and this was in a very dark place:

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Picture This #218 - Walls, Fences Or Gates

Congratulations Nico for your photo selected for this week. The architecture of Chambord is amazing.

Mitch, you selected a great theme. It does open to many interpretations. Glad to read upon your safe return.

I discovered this dilapidated gate on a lane in Branford. This little hamlet is by the shore.

We were in Salem, MA walking through town. We passed this side street and I spotted this house and gate. I found it charming.

This image is a frieze from the Chinese Cultural Center in Philadelphia's China Town.

Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

First off, Nico's header photo is just beautiful!!! Congrats!

My first - the walls of a mortar battery at Fort Hancock

The fence at Twin Lights  Lighthouse that keeps you from rolling down the hill into the river

Handmade gate leading into one of the gardens at Mohonk Mountain House

Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

The photo from Nico impressed me when I saw it last week. A great header for PT.

Welcome home again Mitch from your travels and hope you have now settled in and have unpacked the camera and are ready to go.

Here are the entries of the Swiss panel for this week.

Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen, just around the corner from where I live. This was the Summer residence of the French Ambassador to Switzerland around the 18th century. Belonged to the family Von Sury until a few years ago. Von Sury was a retired member of the Swiss Guard to the Pope in Rome. Now belongs to the Kanton.

The Gates of Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

This villa belongs to one of my neighbours. The land used to be a meadow for the local cow population. He bought the land and had a villa built. A local business man, but he has a lovely wife and three wonderful children. They have a playground in the garden equivalent to a children's park. Why not? He keeps our basic tax rate nice and low.

The old town walls of Solothurn, known as the Schanz. Our open air operas are performed at the top during summer, otherwise a nice place to take a walk and sit down. At the moment the moat surface is being used for part of our Autumn Fair.
Schanz, Solothurn