Saturday, 7 September 2013

Picture This #216 ~ Light

Hi Benni, Here are my contributions for Light

Light on the wall in New York Central Park
light and shadow, New York

Sunset at the most west point of Europe, in Portugal
West Point

Interior light in a Basilica in Spain
Basílica de la Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos 

~ have a lovely day ~


  1. The first is a very interesting light reflection. The second very impressive, and the reflection in the Basilica seems as if it was a water reflection, very good photo.

  2. Hi Sophie, thank you for your wonderful pictures of light! I love the back and white of the first, it makes the shadows come out and, for me, has a mystical haunting feeling. The light is ethereal in your middle picture, so very lovely. My favorite is the Spanish Basilica, I'm amazed at how the floor reflects the light! It's such a beautiful capture. Happy to see you this week.

  3. Hi Sophie!! Three wonderful shots for Benni's theme. I love the simplicity of composition in the first shot, and great idea to make it B&W. Lovely sunset soft tones in the second shot. The highly-polished floors in the third shot reflect the light perfectly.

  4. Three beautiful shots, Sophie! Love them all but the top one is my favourite...

  5. hi sophie, very nice shots, the third one is my fav. have a good sunday

  6. Wonderful and peaceful.

    Serene and beautiful. love the faded pastels of the sky.

    Exquisite interior.

  7. I like the peaceful solitude in all three of these along with the lighting! Three fabulous shots Sophie!

  8. Three fabulous shots Sophi. I must say I like the last one the best and my word, those floors must be a lot of hard work to get them that shiney.

  9. Hi Sophie, these are great images for the theme. I love the first image of light on the wall. Great job in black and white. The photo of the western point of Europe is done well with the beautiful sky in the background. The image inside the basilica is done well. There isn't any overexposure from the reflection off the floor.

  10. I like the shot of the wall, the pattern of the leaves....and it makes me wonder....where is the person that the chair belongs to, and what are they doing?

    Pretty sunset!

    The Basilica shot is nice. The floor is so reflective that it looks like pools of water!