Saturday, 21 September 2013

Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

First off, Nico's header photo is just beautiful!!! Congrats!

My first - the walls of a mortar battery at Fort Hancock

The fence at Twin Lights  Lighthouse that keeps you from rolling down the hill into the river

Handmade gate leading into one of the gardens at Mohonk Mountain House


  1. Hi Honey!! Love your three shots for the theme. Very sturdy walls in the mortar battery. Lovely view from the Twin Lights. Wow, I really love that hand-made fence and gate in the last shot!!! So much more interesting than mass-produced fencing.

  2. Really ominous and foreboding.

    Pretty and summery with the white fence.

    Beautiful handiwork.

  3. Beautiful shots Joanne I love the wooden gate;)

  4. Three beautiful shots, Joanne! The bottom shot is my favourite.... very unusual gate!

  5. The first photo is an interesting perspective on the corridor. The second fence is coupled with a lovely view and the third gate is unique.

  6. Joanne, I like the perspective in the first photo. What were the rails used for? The second photo is a lovely view. The gate in the third photo is rustic. It fits well in the mountains.

  7. I'd love to see the fort, is it nearby, Joanne? Very interesting shot.

    lol, that fence is very practical then! Is that the mighyt Hudson?

    I love the handmade gate at Mohonk Mountain House. That's another place I want to visit!