Friday, 13 September 2013


Hi all, here Belita, very pleased to host this week's Challenge, the theme of which is MANY AND/OR FEW. I'll be a bit busy on the weekend, however, I'll try to catch up on comments late in the afternoons of saturday and sunday. 
I hope you all like the theme.  I'm sure you have many photos in your folders ready to share with us. I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful contributions...
Thank you!

Now my three photos.

Many stitches, many hours of handwork, many years old, few wrinkles

Many stitches many hours of hand work many years old

Many sculptures that are seen at the garden of a newly opened hotel near Lisbon. Each and every sculpture represents a Portuguese novel writer or poet.


Few people, few cars, many windows, many flowers...

few people, many windows

Congratulations, Danette, on your beautiful capture of light as PICTURE OF THE WEEK!


  1. Such a lovely picture, Belita, of the woman doing needlework. The sculptures are fascinating and well set off by that magnificent color of orange. And on the bottom, a few words. As always you have captured people being interesting.

    Love the theme, I have a few too many pictures in mind already.

  2. Hi Belita!! MANY thanks for hosting this week!! Hope we get more than a FEW entries!! LOL.

    Three beautiful photos to start your theme with!! Lovely first shot. My mother has been doing needlecrafts for many years, so I know how many stitches can go into them. Love the sculpture of all the Portuguese writers. Imagine if they were real.....what a noisy conversation that would be!! The light in this photo is wonderful too. A few words being said between the woman and the man in the third shot, I can see!!

  3. Three perfect takes on the theme Belita wonderful work;)

  4. Age and experience shows in the mature features of old woman.

    Amazing collection of statues.

    Indeed so true.

  5. A perfect capture of the lady with the needlework. What a great idea to place the sculptures and a rewarding photo. I wonder what those two were talking about, they must have been quite loud with such a distance in between - great capture.

  6. Love seeing you host Belita. And love the header by DP.
    First off I can always tell your beautiful photography.
    It is always spot on. I love the first one best, but love the other two also.
    The second is so interesting with history.
    Just awesome !!!

  7. AHHH a wonderful theme belita and the header i love it
    your shots are magnificent

  8. I like your first shot a lot, such elegant attention I see in that lady.

  9. bom dia belita. first of all thanks for your choice of the week's theme. Love, as usual, your pics that are always full of life and colours. My fav is the first one even if the second one is amazing

  10. Such a great theme, Belita. I love the photo of the woman doing needle work. You're right about this woman having few wrinkles. The second shot is very creative displaying the literati who contributed to your country's literature.
    I love the drama in the last photo. I'm wondering what is communicated between the man and the woman. But I do see the many windows and the few cars.

  11. Nice theme, Belita! I love the needlework photo. What a wonderful capture and such beautiful work!

    The sculpture is amazing. It reminds me of a mural at a local bookstore of famous writers. How many of those writers have you read?

    The last shot is very interesting. Are the things they are sitting on like little benches attached to the wall?

  12. Thanks, Deb! I have read all of them... They are very popular among Portuguese people and some of their writings I had to read at the University...
    No, those were not benches but a raised bed and people could sit on the edge of it.

  13. Thanks all for the very beautiful shots and for the comments on mine.