Friday, 27 September 2013

Picture This #219 - Rooms In A House

Hi all and greetings from Sweden. I am Anders and I'm your host this week. The theme this time is ROOMS IN A HOUSE. Looking forward to see your entries. Have a great day and enjoy. 

The dining room of my uncle's house at Christmas.


This bed stands in our lounge which is soon to be my mum's new bedroom when she moves down from the top floor.

This stairwell is located in the entry hall of Svaneholms Castle which lies in the southwest corner of Scania, near the third largest city of Sweden, Malmö (literally Ore Island)


  1. Hi Anders!!! Many thanks for hosting the challenge this week. A rather different theme you've chosen, should be interesting to see what folks come up with. It'll be a challenge for me as I do very little indoor photography. I'll probably be back on Saturday morning with my entry.

    Your three photos to start the theme are great!!! That first shot is so typically Swedish Christmas. When I lived in Sweden, I went to my (then) girlfriend's parent's home for Christmas and their home looked so much like this. Nice second shot, like the teddy-bear. I love the third shot!! The angle it was taken at, and the B&W just make it a great photo.

  2. Hi Anders! Love your pictures. The first one is so very Christmas-y, with the reds and lights. Beautiful! Delightful needle work on the pillows in your second picture and also the bedspread. That is a stunning shot of the stairway at Malmö. B/W is perfect for it. The angles are intriguing, very nicely done.

    I have my pictures picked out will post soon.

  3. You have wonderful Christmas traditions in Scandiavia - like your room very much. very nice decorations on the bed and the stairway shows very good geometric proportions, everything in the right place.

  4. hej hej anders lovely theme. I love your pics and the first one is my fav. it ' s so cozy

  5. A great theme Anders and three cool captures to get us started;)

  6. Great theme, Anders! I like your three shots. The first is very colourful, the second is cute and the third shows a nice perspective of that stairway.