Thursday, 26 September 2013


Oh crumbs, surely not too late, so sorry.

Wonderful banner from Nico, congratulations.
Great theme, Mitch, though not something I would  normally
take a picture of, purely because in Johannesburg, we live
behind 6 foot walls, with barbed wire, electric fencing
and huge closed locked automated gates, so mostly it looks
ugly, not worth a picture, a way of life, not worth a second
glance, until you get inside, maybe, maybe not. 

That said, I  thought about it on the way and back from shops 
this week and managed to find something that might
be of interest and not too ugly and prison like.

The Local Nursery School has a very colourful interesting puzzle pattern painted on what would otherwise have been an ugly prefabricated cement wall.

One of the many offices run from a house in our neighbourhood made a pretty relief of Lions flanking their gates.

Another home office has posted sentries outside, wonder if they are better than my watch dog and local Beagle Watch company?

I seriously was going to behave and try to stay out of trouble without any bonus shots this week, then changed my mind as decided on Take Away Fish tonite, so has time as not cooking, so here comes:

The Local Corner Shops getting a face lift


and my favourite kind of fence and gate out on the Farm, old rusted and dependable.
Old Fence and Gate

See you all later this week, maybe Sunday as going out to Heia Safari on Saturday

Thank you for popping past, love to all



  1. Cool colourful jigsaw.

    Beautiful wall decorations

    Wonderful colours.

    Ye ol' rusty fence.

  2. Hi Marianne!! No, you're not too late!! Anders' hasn't posted the new theme yet, that'll be on Friday evening. The only reason you can see his draft copy is that you are still listed as a group admin. I've edited a couple of lines out so that it doesn't confuse folks reading your post.

    Great shots for the theme, I'm glad you were able to find some. Love the colourful 'jigsaw wall' in the first shot, and the just-as-colourful corner shops in the first bonus shot. Impressive gateways in shots two and three.

    1. was wondering if I was still an admin ? Thank you for the edit.

  3. Love the colors in the puzzle fence

  4. Better late than never - wonderful photos, a good variety