Saturday, 21 September 2013

Lynda's Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

Photo number one is just for fun and was taken this morning.  Doc appears to be opening the gate for Little Joe, Colt, and Jake. 

Photo number two was taken this week and contains all three items.
Untitled_Panorama1 copy

Photo number three was taken this summer in a National Forest in New Mexico.  An old board fence corral.
_DSC2818 copy

Happy Trails Everyone


  1. Great theme, Lynda! I like it very much! Awesome shot of the the reflections of the leftside horse's legs in the puddle. It seems they are all happy. The second is a fantastic three in one shot. Love the third... very nice corral with all those little yellow flowers. I think you guess which of the three is my favourite... the second is.

  2. Hi Lynda!! Great to see you taking part again. I thought this was a theme you might like!! Love that first shot. It's great to see all my favourite horses again!! Yes, it does look like Doc is holding open the gate. That second shot is beautiful!! I can see the fences and gates, but can't see a wall.....or do you mean the house in the distance? Wonderful old corral in the third shot.

    1. Way in the back ground, (drive way entrance) there is a "wall" of sorts. It's actually cedar stays put on the fence making a solid wall.

  3. "You may exit. I'll hold the gate."

    Exquisite rainbow.

    Wonderful fenced in meadow.

  4. Lovely takes on the theme Lynda;)

  5. Wonderful first shot with family horse. A great shot with the rainbow and the wide open country and the wild look on the third photo is very good.

  6. Great photos, Linda. Nice group shot of the horses. The subjects are the horses. The double rainbow is done well.Great photo of the plains and open sky. The last photo of the corral seems its from an abandoned ranch.

  7. All three excellent composition and clarity, the bottom (even with the fence) give you the feeling of wide open spaces :)

  8. I love that first shot, Lynda! I love,love,love your horse shots.

    The second one is just beautiful. That's quite a rainbow!

    The old board fence corral brings back fond childhood memories.