Saturday, 14 September 2013

Picture This #217 ~ Many Or Few

Lovely picture for the banner, Danette! And Belita, this is a marvelous theme!!

A few sandpipers looking for food along the shore.

Many snowflakes coming down.

Doll, Marbles
A few old toys were thrown together in an antique book store.

My cat catching a few winks of sleep.


  1. Those Birds are awesome also love the antiques doll.
    And that cat really knows how to relax.

  2. "Welcome to the Annual Gull's And Assorted Seafowl's Association's Convention on Beach Etiquette and Safety Measures."

    Love the warmth of the lamp in all that white.

    Quite wonderful shot of the doll and all those marbles.


  3. Hi Benni !! Fabulous shots for Belita's theme!! I love that first shot, Sandpipers are so funny to watch, the way they run up to the edge of the water, then run away when another wave comes in. The second shot looks a bit too cold for my liking, but as summer is nearly over, something we should be getting ready for in a couple of months!! Great shot of all the marbles in the third shot. Honey looks like she's having a nice nap in that last shot.

  4. Great captures. the birds are great. Love how you caught the snow flakes and the doll is an interesting shot. Cats seem to find sleep everywhere, but they always seem so peaceful and relaxed - good light effects on the photo.

  5. Fantastic shots, Benni, as always! It seems that the birds were either hungry or felt the water a bit cold. Lovely snow scene... that lantern makes it a romantic shot, somehow.... Unusual composition in the second... were those on sale or simply for decoration of the bookseller's. Cute shot of the cat. I'm sure he felt very relaxed having a nap on that cushion. Love the detail of one of his paws.

  6. I like the snipe picture. Interesting capture. Its way to soon for snow. He he I hope anyway. Love the cat shot. Very well done with the shadows.

  7. Nice photos for the theme. I really like the last one, it has many lovely feelings, warm, resting, solitude, silence...I think that light creates them.

  8. Hi Benni, great photos for the theme. I like how you captured the sandpipers on the shore. Nice exposure. The snowfall scene is lovely. The lighted lamp gives it a Christmas greeting card effect. The shot of the doll with the toys at the antique store is interesting. The last image is my favorite. You caught the cat during its cat nap. The lighting is great. I like the detail in the cat's fur.

  9. These are great, Benni! I like them all but I love the one of the toys. Not something you see everyday and the cat in the sunlight is beautiful. (my fav)