Friday, 27 September 2013

Picture This #219 ~ Rooms In A House

First I must say that I am enchanted by Joanne's magical banner.

I am sorry not to have participated last week, but I am back this week and intrigued by the theme. Most of the pictures of the inside of my house are really pictures of my cat. However, windows can capture the essence of a house so I am using these three, from the inside looking out.   Window with palms


                         Window with orchids
Dusty window with orchid

   Kitchen ledge
Kitchen at sunset


  1. Three really cool shots A bit of nature peeking in with the leaves. Love the coloured glass in the last two.

  2. Hi Benni !! Good to see you back this week!! I like your three window-based interpretations of the theme. The palms in the first shot make me suspect this may have been taken in Florida :-)) I like the blue bottles and orchid in the second shot. Kitchen window is lovely with all those different objects.

  3. wonderful windows, so nicely decorated.. The first shows a great view of the palm, I love orchids over everything and they really suit to the blue glass decorations. The third window is very artistic with such a good arrangement.

  4. Three beautiful shots Benni the last 2 are exquisite very nice work;)

  5. ciao benni, the pic that I really love is the last one. it's fantastic. the middle one is a good shot too and the dusty window pane gives a plus to the atmosphere

  6. Windows are one of my favorite subjects and your three shots are really full of charm, the bottom one, particularly.