Sunday, 15 September 2013

Picture This #217 ~ Many Or Few

Hi Belita so glad to see you hosting . I love viewing your wonderful photography.
I wanted to participate this week, but this is all I could come up with after vacation..
Remembering how to do this?

# 1 Is from vacation Salmon Fishing.
Columbia River. Washington USA

#2 is just a few Berries.... berries

#3 Is many Baby Ducks taken this summer Mom and babies ducks


  1. Darn I always get my pictures off center. I have tried it every way.. sorry for the sloppiness.

  2. I think it doesn't matter if they are off center. They are great.

    Love the fishing poles, reminds me of Florida. The berries are spectacular with the rain on them, my favorite. The ducks are really cute and I like how you captured the wavy reflections on the crystal clear water.

  3. Fishing for miles and poles.


    "My little ones, do stay together."

  4. the first is really good with the poles in the ground. Love how you caught the water drops on the berries and the ducks are just lovely.

  5. Sue!! Great to see you back and taking part again :-)) Love your three shots for the theme. The first shot is great, but a bit of a mystery. Who abducted all the fishermen?? LOL. Wonderful second shot, love the colours and the water-drops. My fave is the ducklings with Mamma Duck. Love the colour of the water and the ripple patterns, too.

  6. Thanks everyone.
    The fishing poles are: You put your pole in the pole holder and put a bell on it then sit back and relax when you hear the bell ring you run like heck and set your hook and hopefully pull in a Salmon...I caught a 35lb Chinook. It took me a long time to get it to shore.
    The waves are made by a large ship passing by.

    1. Russell likes this one, nods his head. Ole fisherman, coming to join you. :-)

  7. Susan, good to see you here again.
    you always present very nice photos, first one is my favorite.

  8. Thanks so very much, Sue, for your kindness. I really appreciate it. Glad to see you back on here with three wonderful shots. I love them all to the point that I can't choose my favourite. Each and every shot is special, either regarding the subject or the quality of the shot.

  9. Looks like some easy going with the fishing. NOt quite the battle salmon fishing I remember. Love the duck family. Very good clean shot.

  10. hi susan three awesome pics. the middle one is my fav.

  11. Beautiful work as always Susan;)

  12. Hi susan, these are great images. I love the cleverness in the first image to just show the fishing poles. You composed the shot at a good angle for the viewer to follow the diagonal line of the poles. The berries is beautiful. The background has a nice bokeh effect. The berries are sharp. Mama duck and her ducklings is my favorite. Beautiful detail on the duck and love the ripples in the water.

  13. Susan, these are all fantastic! I would be hard put to choose a favorite, they are all so good. Ok, the baby ducks are just precious! I'd love to have a copy of this one. I love the way the mother is watching over her brood.