Monday, 23 September 2013

Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

Here is a deer standing in front of the picnic area at one of the hotels we have stayed at. He read the sign, and is good, because he didn't bring any pets with him.

The next is a fence at one of the parks I have visited.

Fencing them in.


  1. Hi Randall !! Great shots for the theme. Nice shot of the deer standing in the 'gateway' to the picnic area. Love the zig-zag fence in the second shot!! The cows seem to be enjoying the lush grass behind their fence.

  2. I really like that zig zag but at the same time I keep thinking, sure glad I don't have to mow that!
    All nice examples.

  3. Sweet little roe - "should I stay or should I go?"

    Wonderful intricate fence.

    Peacefully graizing in this pastoral scene.

  4. All the three are great shots for the theme!

  5. haha! what a good lil deer!

    love the split rail fence!

    Nice shot of the cows. Is that an electrical fence?

  6. Great shots, Randall. I like the zig-zag pattern of the rail fence. Deer trespass here too or have we trespassed on their land. Good capture of the deer.

  7. Love all of them. the cows in the last photo are real mega cows. Lots of muscles on them, not like our milk babies in Switzerland.