Saturday, 28 September 2013

Picture This #219 ~ Rooms In A House

I love that header from Joanne at the top. It reminds me of the nursery rhyme, "there was a crooked lady, that had a crooked house" etc. etc. Has a lot of character in the gate.

And now to see what houses I have visited and dared to take photos whilst there. I think I will leave my place out of it. You will have to come and see yourself some day.

This is the reverse part of the spiral staircase in our local armoury.

Armoury, Solothurn

Here we have the inside of an english betting shop, Oxlow Lane, Dagenham, London. My dad was placing his weekly bet, the man in the middle with his back to the camera and wearing an "Andy Cap". My dad always felt very much at home here.
Dad going to place his bet at Joe Corals

This is the goat shed at my friend's farm. It is a hobby of one of her children (she has seven) and they produce their own goat cheese. It is a room in a house, the goats feel very much at home here.


  1. Wow that is so cool.

    I bet he's gonna win. *winks*.

    "Hey, fellas, fellas, Any plans for the weekend?"

  2. Hi Pat !! Three good entries for Anders' theme!! I like your unique angle on the spiral staircase!! Good second shot, I'm surprised they let you take a photo in a betting shop. Did you sneak it while no-one was looking? I did that with the third shot on my entry, at Picton Castle, as photos of the interior were forbidden. Love the shot of the goats.Only one has noticed your camera though :-))

    1. I did not even think to ask, but just took the photos. Mr. Swiss said I do it on the edge too often now and again.

  3. Great shots Pat I love your take on the theme;)

  4. Hi Pat, great shots. My favorite is the staircase, it is so interesting. It could be a seashell or something else, I adore it. Nice shot of the men placing bets and cute goats.

  5. Three cool shots, Pat! The staircase shot is very special... Hope your father makes the right bet... The third is my favourite....