Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Picture This #216 ~ Light

A lantern  hanging in a tent 
(from Macy's Flower Show 2013, Herald Square, NYC)

The Ringling Brother's and Barnum and Bailey Circus , Barclay Center, Brooklyn, NYC

Waterlily and dragonfly at Brooklyn Botanic Garden


  1. Hi, Debby, as always your pictures are awesome. I like the top one from Macy's flower show - It's like a ornate metal flower, nicely captured. How interesting those tigers are and the light is perfect for the atmosphere of a circus. My favorite is your stunning blue waterlily and dragonfly. The light makes such fascinating patterns on the petals. I'm so impressed that you are able to find such natural beauty in New York.

  2. Hi Debby !! Three fantastic shots for Benni's theme!! I really like the lantern in the first shot, it has an eastern feel to it. Great shot of all the tigers at the circus. My fave shot is the beautiful blue water-lily and it's visitor!!

  3. Utterly lovely lantern.

    Wonderful shot of the circus

    Exquisite flower.

  4. Mt favourite is the waterlily. Good thing you mention the dragonfly, as I would have totally missed it, admiring the reflection!!

  5. Three lovely photos. The lantern is really unique, not something I have seen before. The tigers are wonderful in the light reflection and the water lilly is beautiful with the dragon fly.

  6. My oh my Debbie. These are beautiful. I was watching a doco and saw the hanging light and was wishing I could afford one a couple of days ago. Not a common thing in my country.

    The water lilly and dragonfly is a stunner.

    Would love to see that circus. have heard plenty about it but it has never come to NZ that I know of.

  7. Wow...Lovely light!

    Super shot the second, and love that waterlily.

  8. Beautiful captures Debby perfect for the theme very nice work;)