Friday, 31 May 2013

Picture This #202 ~ Rocks

Hi all another great theme this week. One close to my heart as geology was a big part of my career as an oceanographer and I have always been passionate about rocks. 

So I decided to go with rock in the landscape, which took me immediately back to one of my favourite road trips, Highway One California and BigSur. All these shots are from that shoot.

Highway One 

You can see the road cut into the mountain side as a straight line across the rock face above the ocean.

California3 (52)

Native American contemplating the Ocean

california2 (153)

Pelican Rock


Picture This #202 ~ Rocks

We have a lot of rocks in Switzerland. When the glaciers retreated, they left a lot of stones and rocks behind. Usually the Swiss like to tidy everything up, but they left them laying around as they were probably too heavy to move and we had something to show the tourists. We happen to have one of these so-called "erratic blocks" just around the corner to where I live in our village, so here it is.
Glacial erratic in Feldbrunnen

In my garden, where there are stones, there are spiders. So here we are.
Our local town of Solothurn has a thing about restoring the streets in the old town to the original Roman look with cobblestones. Unfortunately accident prone people like me do tend to have accidents, like tripping over the stones.
View from Riedholzplatz on St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

Picture This #202 ~ Rocks

All three of these photos were taken at Central Park, New York City 



PICTURE THIS #201 ~ Water Related

Firstly congratulation to Sophie on her lovely Spring capture. Beautiful. 

Then apologies for not being around for a while, I have had some personal problems, that now seems to be sorted out, but not really for sharing, much too glum.

Thank you to Heidi for her Spring theme, apologies for not taking part and to Mitch , congratulations with your 200 anniversary. Who would ever have thought, when Mia asked us to take over the running of PT. 

Thank you Danette for this lovely theme, when originally I saw water, I just retreated back into hibernation  but yesterday when having a peep, realised it is water related, not running water or water in motion, which for me is so very very difficult. 

I am so late with this, that I see the next theme has already gone up. 

Well better late than never , so you will just have to put up with it.

1.  When the zebra is drinking from the pool, all people must leave the pool area. 

                   Kidd you not, that is what the sign says at Heia Safari Ranch, my favourite retreat.

When Zebras drink from the pool ..........

2. YOu can take an elephant to water ................... but when his trunk is too short to reach?   
                                          Elephants at Askari Private Game Ranch

YOu can take an elephant to water ............

3. Like water off a ducks back ................. the way I feel right 

                                   Duck on the pond at Big Creek Lodge

  like water off a ducks back...............

Now will have to go Rock hunting to keep Anders happy, I see. See you over the weekend .

 Love to all 


Picture This #201 ~ Water Related

I'm down to the wire with this theme of Water. I see that we are on a new theme - Rocks. Hopefully, I'll get those images out soon.
Here are my images for Water Related.
While we don't have spectacular waterfalls in my state of Connecticut, these are a couple of them. They are both located in state parks.
The first image is Kent Falls which is located on the northwest corner of our little state.
This waterfall is located in the state park Devil's Hopyard in Salem. According to the legend, the devil threw rocks to create holes.
This last image is my favorite. We were sitting in Sister Cities Park on Memorial Day in Philadelphia a year ago. Families were gathered around this fountain. It was a warm day and the kids were enjoying themselves.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Picture This #202 ~ Rocks

Hi all - this is Anders and I'm this week's host. These images were taken on a visit to the rocky beach at the north end of our village. Me and my photoclub went there on an evening excursion and got quite a few really good photos. It was a lovely clear evening. Hope this will prove to be a fun challenge. Enjoy. Best, Anders.
 photo DSC_0079.jpg

 photo DSC_0078.jpg

 photo DSC_0086.jpg

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Picture This #201 ~ Water Related

Water is one of my favorite things to photograph so you know I loved this theme.


One of the last pictures I took before leaving Florida this year.

Four guys and a pelican

These fishermen inadvertently hooked a swimming pelican. Gently they captured it, worked out the hook, and released it. After a bit, it flew away.


It rained one night and in the morning the rain drops on the screened-in porch acted like prisms whose multi-colored light I tried to capture.

Picture This #201 ~ Water Related

~ By the brook I sit ~
By The Brook I Sit

~ Tagus river in Toledo, Spain ~
Toledo, Spain

~ Snowing in Avila, Spain ~
Avila Snow

Picture This #201 ~ Water Related

Pansies in the rain ~ Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Bailey Fountain at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

Champs-Élysées ~ Rainy day in Paris 

Picture This #201 ~ Water Related

Hi all. I hope you're all having a great Bank Holiday weekend? Danette, this is an awesome theme. Water has always been one of my favourite mediums to shoot. It was hard to pick three from all my water related shots but these are from three of my favourite shoots over the years.

Reflecting On A Lake, Avon Heath, East Dorset.

Bournemouth At Dusk, Bournemouth Beach, Dorset, England.

Head Waters, the headwaters of the Mississippi River, Itasca Lake to the left, the Mississippi River on the right of the rocks. Itasca State Park, Minnesota, USA.

Itasca State Park 075

Picture This #201 ~ Water Related

We have plenty of water around at the moment. Spring has still not quite sprung.

Here is the first photo of the Swiss team. Our local town of Solothurn is situated on the River Aar. I have photos from all angles. This shows the town of Solothurn looking across the river. The so-called Landhaus is the big building on the left, used for various events where a stage and exhibition place is needed and on the right showing the St. Urs. cathedral in the background.
Landhaus, Solothurn

On a trip to Paris a few years ago, the River Seine was everywhere. This view was taken from the Eiffel tower looking West.
View from Eiffel Tower towards West

Introducing the one and only unique Nera, the chief cat. She gets her water supply where it is always fresh.
Nera drinking water from the toilet

Picture This #201 ~ Water Related

Many thanks to Danette for hosting this week's challenge, you've chosen a great theme with lots of possibilities!! Congratulations to Sophie for her Photo Of The Week, I love the mellow colours and the effects. 

Here are my water-related photos:

1) Reedflections. Ripples in the water at the base of these reeds created an interesting abstract reflection.

Reedflection 3

2) Snowmelt Falls. This waterfall at Zion National Park, Utah, only flows when snow melts and runs off the tops of the highest parts of the canyon. Because the water has to seep through different layers of rock, it can be weeks between the snow melting and the waterfall starting to run.
Snowmelt Fall 11

3) Backlit Fountain. Taken at Lake Havasu, Arizona. This was a more difficult shot to get than you'd think. The sun was high in the sky, so to get it behind the fountain, I had to get the camera almost down on the ground. Had to take a couple of practice shots to get the angle right. I was pleased with the end result, particularly as I managed to avoid any lens-flare from the strong sunlight.
Backlit Fountain 1

PT CCI ~ Water Related.

Taken on the ferry trip from the Island of Ivö to the mainland.
 photo The_Waters_of_Lake_Ivo_zps01e05571.jpg
Taken from the sailingship La Bohéme on my trip round corsicain '86. We entered this cave with the motorboat.
 photo A_Cave_In_Corsica_by_OldLynx_zpsc06714a7.jpg
Taken on a visit to the east coast of Scania.
 photo Blue_Horizon_zpsdf3c3989.jpg




 photo 033f6600-440e-4e93-9b3b-1b4873342ba8.jpg

 DSC01810 photo DSC01810-1.jpg

Basel -The Rhein

  photo 3185c0d4-7f76-4ec2-b895-9f758295870c.jpg