Saturday, 25 May 2013

Picture This #201 ~ Water Related

We have plenty of water around at the moment. Spring has still not quite sprung.

Here is the first photo of the Swiss team. Our local town of Solothurn is situated on the River Aar. I have photos from all angles. This shows the town of Solothurn looking across the river. The so-called Landhaus is the big building on the left, used for various events where a stage and exhibition place is needed and on the right showing the St. Urs. cathedral in the background.
Landhaus, Solothurn

On a trip to Paris a few years ago, the River Seine was everywhere. This view was taken from the Eiffel tower looking West.
View from Eiffel Tower towards West

Introducing the one and only unique Nera, the chief cat. She gets her water supply where it is always fresh.
Nera drinking water from the toilet


  1. Hi Pat three great takes on the theme as always, I love the last one LOL;)

  2. Hi Pat !! Three great photos for Danette's theme. Lovely shot of Solothurn from across the river. The Landhaus is an interesting building. Great panorama of Paris and the Seine. I really must visit Paris some day. Ironic that it's the closest European capital city, after London, and yet I've never been there!! The last shot is hilarious!! Trust Nera to put her own unique spin on the theme!!!

  3. Marvellous shot of the cathedral.

    Beautiful panorama of the city.

    "Oh my god, why ever did I drink that last tequila.!

  4. I like your choices for the theme.
    River Seine has a totally different character looking from distance.

  5. The picture of Solothurn is just lovely with the cathedral's blue domes against the sky. My favorite is Paris and your truly unique picture of it, a bit foggy, soft and mysterious. I love your kitty; I don't know that my cat would be that daring. Thank you for the introduction.

  6. two totally contrasting views of the river, both fantastic and of course you have to love silly Nera!

  7. Fantastic shots, Pat! Love the River Aar and the wonderful architecture.

    ohhh, what an incredible shot from the Eiffel Tower. I wish we had gone up, but it was pouring down rain when we were there. I'm glad I could see it through your eyes!

    lol, the last one is my favorite!!!

  8. I love them all pat especially the last one lol

  9. omg the third one is intriguing, Pat. lol

  10. Three nice takes on the theme... the first for its clarity, the second for the excellent overview of Paris, my favourite European city, the third for the cat's attitude...

  11. Pat, the last photo is hilarious with the cat. So this is the river Aar. Do you know that is sometimes a clue in crossword puzzles? Wonderful view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.