Saturday, 18 May 2013

Picture This #200 ~ Special

Picture This #200

Wow how time flies. Mitch it has been great playing with you and everyone else over the years. Seeing Picture This get to this point is awesome. Picking 6 favorites is really hard. There are a few. LOL But will make an effort.

Number one from not so far back.


Number two, The Halo

The halo

Number Three, The Painted hills, OR.


Number Four, Always the weather.


Number Five, The Bolt!


Number Six, The friendships!

My greatest feeling

And none of them can ever be replaced. Thank you.


  1. Amazing group of photos. Stunning sunset. Incredible cloud formation. Impressive mountains. Terrific display of the power of nature. Wonderful image of friendship.

  2. Thanks Anders, There is so much power in ever picture we take. Fun stuff.

  3. I agree with Anders, this is a wonderful set of photos. The clouds in number four are almost scary; the lightning bolt is amazing. The sky is that color of almost lavender that I have seen in very powerful storms. Your bottom picture is warm and expressive. Yes, the friendships are so important.

  4. Simply fabulous! Can't say which one I like best... all!

  5. oh wow Randall these are all so wonderful thanks for sharing

  6. Stunning Photography as always Randall a true Artist at work;)

  7. Hi Randall !! I've always looked forward to seeing your photos, because they are always stunning. I'm glad you're still with the group. Some of the ones you've posted here are old favourites of mine, particularly the sunrise (sunset?), the Halo and the Painted Cliffs. All awesome shots, but the one I'm most in awe of is the lightning bolt!! Just fabulous!! The weather shot and the friendship shots are new to me, but are just as special :-))

  8. The hands had been working the garden so a bit dirty. I thought I has showed the weather shot before too. THat was a fun one to capture. THank you everyone. I will be by yours once I wake up.

  9. The sunset was when we had all the fires last year. I had to capture the red of the sun with all the smoke in the air. I love that one too.

  10. All very good photos. The lightening bolt stands out for me most of all.

  11. hi randall, fab pics love them . my fav are the ones depicting the weather.

  12. I am so much impressed!!!
    I like NO.4 the best.