Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Picture This #200 - Special

A super achievement! Two hundred Picture This challenges! People, places and things that are special to me are here:

My special guy - Mitch

Falling in love again - my grandchildren, Nicky and Arianna. They hold such a special place in my heart. Who knew being a grandmother could be so wonderful? And even more special, a new baby due in November:

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love to travel. My favorite place to visit? Wales. Not only because its such a beautiful place, but because Mitch is there:


Living on the Jersey shore affords me all kinds of opportunities for photos. Living close to New York City allows me to either hop on the train and go into the city or drive 10 minutes down the highway to Highlands and see the city from the Jersey side:

New York

A special place for me is Holmdel Park. I've taken a lot of photos at this park, and no matter how many times I go, I can always find something different:


Most special to me - my girls:
IMG_0804 And of course, the most special to me. . .my girls:


  1. Wonderful choices Joanne;) I hope your arm is getting better;)

  2. HI Honey!! Great choices from you, although the guy in the first shot looks a bit suspicious. LOL. Cute shot of Nicky and Arianna. It's rare to see a photo of Arianna where she doesn't have a big smile. Beautiful shots of the Pembrokeshire headlands and the NYC skyline. Wonderful greens at Holmdel and a lovely shot of the girls to finish.

  3. Hi, Joanne!! Great picture of Mitch, who is braver than I to stand so close to the edge of the GC. Your grandkids are so cute (love the little pigtails) and congrats on your coming new arrival. From landscape to cityscape to the portrait of your daughters, your pictures are terrific.

  4. The Master of All I survey. :)

    Wonderful and cute photo.

    Lovely seascape.

    Wonderful shot of the shore and the NY skyline.

    Love all the green and the rippling waves.

    A pair of sweeties.

  5. we know mitch didn't go over the edge. LOL Great shots. Love the travels and the sights you show. Thank you.

  6. I love the scenery in the third image, but I REALLY love your header, with those awesome clouds!!

  7. Some really wonderful photos in that group. The view of the New York coastline is particularly interesting.