Saturday, 25 May 2013


Hi, Danette, good choice of theme. I really love it...
My three contributions...

At a newly-developed district (Lisbon)

At a courtyard of a Monastery (Lisbon)

Lake in Finland


  1. Love all three. The contemplative peace of the first one.

    The Japanese feel to the second.

    and the natural peace of the forest lake

  2. Hi Belita!! Three lovely shots for Danette's theme!! I really like the first one, the clean lines of the newly-laid stones and the stillness of the water. I can almost hear the trickle of water as it runs into the pool in the second shot. Nice shot of the Finnish lake, too. I've never been to Finland, but I'd like to go there some day.

  3. Your photos always have lots of interest Belita...the top photo with the curve, reflection and stones showing through is a perfect example of what I mean!

    The middle shot is sleek and modern yet the falling water makes it tranquil.

    I quite like the chain link fence showing on the bottom one, it is a great contrast with the lake and trees.

  4. Three lovely photos. The first with the reflection of the two people is just a perfect composition.Those monks certainly had some nice places, very intresting photo. The Finnish lake is wonderful, so peaceful.

  5. Wonderful captures as always Belita I really like them all;)

  6. Lovely shots, Belita. I love the delicate colors in the first. Makes me think of a Monet.

    The fountains are very pretty, as is the shoreline and forest in the last photo.

  7. Lovely water and reflections shots!

  8. Three lovely and intriguing pictures. I must admit I am most drawn to the Finnish coast as it reminds me of the Canadian coast of Lake Superior where we spent so many lovely summers.

  9. ciao belita, another 3 fab pics of yours. love the reflection in the first one

  10. Wow with the water features at the Monastery in Lisbon. The walking path looks great too. The lake looks like the water has a lot of motion too it. Is that the inlet stream flowing into it?

  11. Three beautiful photos. I think the first two images express tranquility. The walking path is inviting. I could spend some time at the monastery's fountain. Very comtemplative!