Saturday, 18 May 2013


Hi all, 
I cant believe its been that long since I first had the idea for Picture This! Thanks to all the people who took over the helm and made PT what it is today, in no small measure Mitch for the amazing job he did bringing PT to Blogger, well done Mate;)

So for this special theme I have selected six shots that are special to me for many reasons and on many levels.

I decided not to use a picture of Marci as I am always using shots of her and it goes without saying she is the number one special person in my life;)

So here are my six images of things that are Special to me.

The Sunrise

garden (3)

My Garden

garden (1)


garden (5)

Moving Water

garden (2)

The New Forest

garden (4)


garden (6)


  1. Love the liquid burning gold of the sky and the silhouettes of the trees.

    Amazing paradisiacal waterfall. Playground for the Neireids surely.

    Beautiful photo of the horse.

    Exquisite one of the flower.

    1. The garden shot is beautiful in its peacefulness

      The macro of the bug is fabulous

  2. Thanks Baz, but I couldn't have done it without all the work you put in figuring out a lot of Blogger's little peculiarities!! LOL. Not only for PT, but for quite a lot of us setting up our own pages too. There are several of my faves of your photos here. The sunrise and the dragonfly in particular are fabulous shots, but I've always liked the one of the New Forest pony, too. He always looks like he's pleased to see you :-)) The tiger-lily shot is terrific, too. Your garden, of course, is great. Having stood in it on more than one occasion, I admire how much work has gone into it and how much you've managed to put into a relatively small area!!

  3. All great shots in Baz style. I never tyre of viewing your photos. An inspiration for me.

    1. Thanks for your Kind words Pat;)

  4. Thank you so much for founding Picture This and also for all your help in my settling in to Blogger. Your tutorials were so well written and clear. I know I directed people to them thinking "If they can't understand it as I've explained it, then they'll be able to get how Baz has explained it."

    "The New Forest" - what can I say? Magic!!

    1. Thanks for your Kind words Benni;)

  5. hi baz, should I say that your pics are stunning? I don't think I should say it because I know you know it. you're a master of this art and your pics say a lot of things to the persons who have the chance to watch them. by the way, ty for your kind appreciation of my humble pic. ciao

    1. Thank you Nico for your very kind words;)

  6. They took all the great compliments, what else can I add?!
    I can't even choose which one is my favorite. :)