Saturday, 4 May 2013


Welcome back, Mitch! Hope you had fantastic vacations together with Joanne.
Wow, I am surprised... seeing one of my silhouette photos at the top of the home page. Thank you!
Great theme! Not easy to pick up only three,...

JAPANESE FACE - Photo taken this afternoon in Lisbon downtown 

MINIMALIST FACE - Lisbon - A typical costume of Portuguese shepherds FACE 

At an open air snack bar in LisbonFACES 
 My bonus photo - Polish face (Krakow)POLISH FACE 


  1. Hi Belita!! Yes, thank you, we had a wonderful vacation. Actually it was difficult to decide on which of your photos to use for the banner as I liked both this one and the one of the people standing on a bridge equally. In the end I chose this one for the warmth of the image.
    As always you have come up with some wonderful examples for the theme!! I like the 'Japanese' face, I presume she was a tourist. The second shot is excellent....that's what I'd call a 'blank expression' LOL!! The third shot is also very good. It has one of those faces where the eyes seem to follow you whichever angle you look at it from. A rather sombre bonus shot, the man looks like he may be homeless and living on the street.

    1. Thank you, again, for the selection, no matter your choice has been...
      I think that Japanese young lady was a tourist. That Polish man had got into a restaurant and I was told by the waiter that he had been there drinking and drinking until he fell asleep.

  2. Wow is really all I can say for the first capture. An ordinary act (sipping a beverage) yet it seems extraordinary. Maybe how her hair is blowing or how her red lips match the red on the wall behind her. An interesting costume. The open air snack bar is a surprise with a large face behind the usual people hanging out. I like your Polish face, he may be homeless, or (in my imagination) a weary hero resting between adventures. Reminds me of Strider/Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.

  3. Lovely shots. Belita
    I like the third one very much, so many faces in this photo.
    I also like the expression you captured in the last one.

  4. the first one a fantastic shot, it looks like an advertisement in a magazine, the
    the second one is very minimal, maybe a little lipstick would help? :)
    the third is a little sad, I am wondering if the child is Tibetan?
    last one expresses his emotion well even though he is asleep

  5. Wonderful shot of the japanese woman. Really cool art one. Cute pic of the child. Very poingnant of the Pole

  6. The Japanese woman is a very good capture, a sort of photo of the moment. The blank look gives a lot of food to the imagination and the picture on the wall leaves a very vivid interpretation. I think your polish face was just sleeping off a night on the tiles - very good capture.

  7. hi belita cool shots, I love the third one

  8. All are wonderful but I really love that bonus shot.

  9. Lovely photos Belita, especially the first one.

  10. Four wonderful captures my friend your a very talented portrait photographer;)

  11. Lovely shots Belita. I like how your captured the light on the tourist's face. Your choice of the last image in sepia is creative. I liked all of them.

  12. aaaaaaaaaaaww, Belita, your special talent shines trough each and every capture. They are all wonderful with that "belita" stamp of originality, that is hard to match or copy.

  13. ah, that first face looks like she's enjoying an ice tea with mint. She looks as if she is thoroughly enjoying it. Love, love, love my Starbucks!

    lol@ the minimalist face. This makes for a very interesting photo.I like all the natural shades here that blend together so well.

    That's a great face on the snackbar wall. Colorful hat, but such a sad little face.

    The last is my favorite. Great capture. Love the sepia editing.