Sunday, 12 May 2013





Impossible to describe spring in just 3 photos but I will follow the guides lines and just post three.  Would rather do a nice photo blog with about 20 or 30 photos but will spare you all that.   All three photos were taken yesterday and today.  I think you can click on the photos to make larger but  am not sure of that. 

A Texas Panhandle thunderstorm just to our east.  

Photo taken just outside our front door.

_DSC7629 copy

The Bullock's Orioles are back.  This female is in the peach tree just outside the bathroom window.  

Photo taken through the window. 

_DSC7481 copy


The horses are still shedding and have some of their winter hair left.  The light color on our palomino mare Diamond is that winter hair. 

_DSC7907 copy 2  

The above photo was a test.  Received my new lens late yesterday afternoon.  Sun is barely up.  Camera on tripod just outside the front door.  


  1. I like a;; of them, great clarity and pretty compositions...the top one is my favorite!

  2. WOW! Lynda, that cloud shot is magnificent!

    Beautiful shot of the oriole. It's a pretty little thing!

    I love the way you caught the light shining on Diamond. Wonderful capture. Good luck with the new lens.

  3. Stunning cloud shot! I love the bird and if that is the female, I'd love to see the male as they are often even more colorful. And the last shot is so beautiful, so peaceful, with the morning sun through Diamond's tail. Gorgeous!

  4. Dramatic sky, sweet bird and beautiful photo of the horse.

  5. I know what you mean about only 3 shots it is difficult so many wonderful impressions come to us in the spring
    yours are wonderful all of them as always <3

  6. Hi Lynda !! Three fantastic shots for Heidi's Spring theme. Wow, that storm shot is awesome, really dramatic!! Beautiful shot of the Oriole, love her colour. It's a bird we don't get in the UK. Lovely shot of Diamond in the soft light.

  7. The third of photo the horse alone in the field is so romantic - I love that one. The storm is very impressive and what a lovely bird, we do not have them in europe.

  8. Wow... Lynda, all three are really beautiful captures!!!

  9. Lynda, I love all three. The cloud formation is fantastic. The shot of Diamond in the soft light is beautiful. Your photos emit some of life's emotions.

  10. Springtime storms are cool. I was looking for some lightening last week when we had some blow through. Central Washington was really warm for this time of year, But they didn't develop until they moved northeast into eastern Washington. I will have to wait.
    I do know what you mean by wanting to post more. It is fun. But these are great! New lens? OH boy!