Saturday, 18 May 2013

Picture This #200 ~ Special

Already 200th aniversary - I am feeling old now. I do not think I was with it from the beginning, about the same time as Mitch. Thanks Mitch for all the work you have put into it, all the Multiply - Blogger experiments to get the site going and it is a great success. It is the only photo site I visit and it is fun. To be quite honest I do not have time for more. Being a golden oldie is a stress life. I will not be commenting in detail on your wonderful works, as six photos are quite lot to do justice to. So now to start - 6 photos, at last a chance to show the photos I can never show (I hope)

Let's start with my local town of Solothurn. 11 is the magical number for Solothurn and so we have 11 fountains, all in the same style. This is the Fisher Fountain standing in the main market place. A memorable fountain for my youngest son. For his initiation ceremony when he joined the students union, he was thrown into the fountain (dressed in bathing trunks in preparation of course) and afterwards he got his student name, Duke.
A September Walk through Solothurn
Now for one of my cloud atlas photos. I took this during the week. I had never seen anything like it. It was as if the sky had formed a landscape with the clouds.
Clouds over Feldbrunnen
One of my friends in the garden. He was tucking into a nice juicy fly, but spared me a few minutes for a portrait. His name is Spider.
This is something completely different. Once a year we have something called carnival, where the night becomes day and everyone acts as if they were from another world. In our area the celebrations start at five in the morning. People dress in a white nightshirt and wear a red scarf around their neck. Flour soup and cheese cakes are served after for breakfast. A carnival group always visited our company on this morning with a soup wagon. Here are some of the people enjoying or waiting for their soup. A real action photo a few years ago when I was a working woman.
A couple of years ago I was in Bern and passed the biggest book shop where they were having a publicity thing for the newest Harry Potter book. They decorated the window accordingly and here is the result.
Bookshop Staffacher, Bern - Harry Potter sends his greetings
Here is something typically Swiss, you see them here and there in the farming villages. It is an old chalet as they were once built. Below they had the animals and the farmers lived above. This building is no longer being used, probably just for storing farm machinery, or perhaps hay for the animals. Looks very quaint and Swissy.
On the road from Langendorf to Feldbrunnen 1


  1. Impressive pillar.

    Great macro of the spider

    Sweet girl

    Lovely garden and terrific little house.

  2. I was in Switzerland for a few days in 1969 and it was so beautiful (and the feather bed had real feathers!) Your pictures often capture the Switzerland I remember. I love the fountain up top and the water coming out of the man's mouth. I also love the old chalet; I think we stayed in one and that is where the feather bed was. The young woman has a priceless expression!!

  3. Very special, indeed! Love them all but the last one is my favourite...

  4. Hi Pat !! I'm glad that PT is the one group you're still active with. You bring a unique Swiss flavour to the group which I really enjoy. I really like that fountain, it's very ornate. Excellent macro shot of Mr Spider!! Love the expressions on the faces of your colleagues...the man looks like he's trying to decide if the soup looks edible or not!! Most of the pictures I've seen of Swiss chalets are the modern 'holiday' type ones, so it's great to see this traditional family chalet!!

  5. Hi Pat these are all so great the only think I hate
    is flour soup over here we don't do that part of thank goodness

  6. Wonderful captures as always Pat;)

  7. mornin' pat. love your pics expecially the first and the one depicting the spider

  8. I like them all!
    The most fabulous spider shot!