Friday, 31 May 2013

Picture This #202 ~ Rocks

We have a lot of rocks in Switzerland. When the glaciers retreated, they left a lot of stones and rocks behind. Usually the Swiss like to tidy everything up, but they left them laying around as they were probably too heavy to move and we had something to show the tourists. We happen to have one of these so-called "erratic blocks" just around the corner to where I live in our village, so here it is.
Glacial erratic in Feldbrunnen

In my garden, where there are stones, there are spiders. So here we are.
Our local town of Solothurn has a thing about restoring the streets in the old town to the original Roman look with cobblestones. Unfortunately accident prone people like me do tend to have accidents, like tripping over the stones.
View from Riedholzplatz on St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn


  1. Here be trolls one would think

    Come into my parlour.

    Great initiative.

  2. Hi Pat !! Three good shots for Anders' theme :-)) That's one big rock in the first shot. It's amazing, the power of glaciers to move such large items like they were dust motes!! Great shot of Mr Spider scurrying between the stones. I love to see old cobbled streets (or even newly restored ones), they look great, even if they are a trial for the feet.

  3. Interesting how two places (Michigan and Switzerland) which are so far apart can look so similar. We have those glacier-borne rocks in our landscape and the maples too. (We also have spiders but I ignore them.) I love that Solothurn values its history and is keeping the old stone streets. Nice, very nice picture - I think I saw that cathedral in another picture.

  4. I love your photos Pat and I too am a sucker for cobbled streets, but; they play havoc on high heels. LOL

  5. Pat you got some terrific shots for the theme.
    You sure got a close up of that spider.

  6. Hey Pat, that first rock looks just like something you would find lying erratically around full of moss in any Danish glen, glade or forest too. They are huge, that simply shows how small and insignificant we are in the greater scheme of things, when you see how nature played tricks on us, so many years ago. Great capture of eeensy weensy spider. Does the darling felines not play with them? I love the old town shot. So much history in it. Lovely.

    1. We have so many of those blocks laying around in our village, they have now made a special path connecting them all. I think most countries in the north of Europe have them laying here and there, left behind from the glaciers in the ice age. My felines do not like spiders, they are not edible. They also do not like beetles or snails. Their favourite is butterfly unfortunately.

  7. Love the cobblestone...spiders, not so much :) the top photo is especially appealing to me

  8. Good selection, Pat! I love them all, even that with the spider...