Sunday, 8 September 2013

Picture This #216 ~ Light

 When it is difficult for me to think of just three photos for a theme (usually) I go to my most recent photos (not necessarily my favorite ones) that is what I did this time.
Thank you for stopping by to see them!

Natural and artificial light:

The very bright light at the end of the tunnel:

Soft light


  1. Lovely lantern

    Beautiful light at the end of th tunnel.

    Exquisite cowrie.

  2. 3 nice shots, my fav is the first one. it speaks of ancient times. bye

  3. Hi Danette, you chose some lovely pictures for the theme. Your lights in the top picture are very warm and inviting. I love your tunnel picture and the way you've included some greenery to set off the red bricks. My favorite is that beautiful sea shell. How very delicate and soft!! Nice job on all three.

  4. I love the constrasts on the first one, especially the colour of the wall reflected from the light. the second is a wonderful perspective and the third a very good example of soft light.

  5. Hi Danette!! Three lovely shots for Benni's theme. I love the soft glow from the lights in the first shot. I want to go see 'more shops'. Great shot of the light at the end of the avenue. I think I'd be inclined to turn right and explore the Irish pub and restaurant!! LOL. Beautiful soft light on the seashell.

    1. It looked like a fun place and the were serving breakfast at the time!

  6. All three are stunning and like Benni, the shell one I likes the best. It would make a lovely framed Photo to hang on a wall.

  7. Hi Danette, nice warm glow from the lanterns on the wall. I like the brick work in the tunnel. The soft glow of the shell is beautiful.

  8. wonderful Danette especially the conch shell

  9. Hi Danette, love the three shots and your idea of posting photos showing three different lights was great! My favourite??? Not easy to say but perhaps the top the combination of natural and artificial light...

  10. Your photos always have that soft tender romantic feelings...

    I like them all!