Monday, 23 September 2013

Picture This #218 ~ Walls, Fences Or Gates

 Some of you may have seen this before (not sure):

 My favorite kind of fence is one that is close to the ocean:

I took this shot this morning at a cemetery. It seems the tree grew into the fence (not the first time I have seen this at a cemetery either)! The exposure is not so good due to it being cloudy and this was in a very dark place:


  1. Hi Danette!! Three great shots for the theme!! i think I have seen that first shot before, I remember the padlock. It's perfect for this theme though. I like all the wildflowers in it too. Lovely shot of the fence near the ocean. That third shot is amazing. I always love to see how nature starts to reclaim where humans have been.

  2. It's jest hangin'. Beautiful meadow beyond the fence.

    Lovely shot of the beach and sea.

    Exquisite wrought iron fence-

  3. All three very good shots. Love the lonely lock on the first fence.

  4. Hi Danette, all of these shots are great for the theme. The last image with the tree growing through the fence is interesting.

  5. All nice shots but that last one is so interesting with the fence in the tree.

  6. I love all the three, Danette! That padlock must have some purpose, though I can't figure out it. Fences close to the sea always have a special beauty... yours has it! The bottom shots is very interesting for the uncommon growing of the tree through the fence...