Sunday, 29 September 2013

Picture This #219 - Rooms In A House

Thanks so much for using my photo as the header this week!! Its one of my favorites. I don't take a lot of indoor shots so I really had to hunt this time. Here's what I came up with:

The chandelier in the entrance hall of the Vanderbilt house in Hyde Park, New York

The library at the Franklin D. Roosevelt house, also in Hyde Park

A library in Cardiff Castle, Wales
Cardiff Castle Library


  1. Joanne, congratulations on your lovely photograph being the banner for this week. It has a very magical feel about it.

    I love your three pictures, best of all the FDR library. The composition and lighting is just superb. I also love the chandelier and how you have captured the prisms of light. The library in Cardiff has an old and elegant feel to it.

  2. Wow that is exquisite.

    Whiskey and cigars come to mind.

    Silent searching in ancient tomes.

  3. Hi Honey!! Three fabulous shots for Anders' theme!! Beautiful chandelier at the Vanderbilt home. Love the effect from the starlight filter. Great shot of the FDR house. The room has a 'homey' comfortable feel to it, despite it's size. The library at Cardiff Castle was just so beautifully ornate.

  4. Beautiful captures Joanne I cant pick a fav I like them all;)

  5. Fabulous entries, Joanne! Love the atmosphere in the second shot...

  6. The library pictures are very interesting shots. love the wood contrasts. A very good capture of the chandelier, that are not always such easy photos to take.