Saturday, 14 September 2013

Picture This #217 ~ Many Or Few

Great header by Danette, so a mystrious glow to the shell

Autumn is approaching and our local Saturday morning market is full of the Autumn heather

Autumn Flowers, Solothurn market day

Here are a few sheep grazing on a meadow in our village
Sheep in Feldbrunnen

This plant is called Tansy in English - I only actually knew the German name (Rainfarn). I remember I wanted this plant absolutly because it is supposed to be good for the garden and there was a bloke on the local market that sells herbs. He did not have one, only at home, but he called pass later in the day and brought it for me. I have had it for a few years. At the moment it is flowering. This is just one plant, but has many flowers. Nothing special, but it makes a nice show.


  1. Gorgeous photo of the Autumn heather. Love those colours. They match very nicely. Great capture of the sheep grazing in a green field... very peaceful scene... How kind the market seller has been! Very pretty kind of chrysanthemum (at my eyes, they look like belonging to this family. We can see them in Portugal, sometimes in gardens, others in areas where they have become invasive. Anyway, I like the angle of the capture. You did an excellent job, Pat!

  2. Beautiful purple flower bushes.

    "Guys, aint this the life. Totally safe and not a wolf hunting us or sheepdog hounding us."

    Exquisite and sweet flowers.

  3. Hi, Pat, love your pictures. The heather is delicate in form and color. The middle is my favorite, very peaceful and lovely. The tansy is also very pretty, I also like the name rainfarn. Such a bright color and nicely photographed against the green.

  4. Love your photos Pat.
    What are the bottom flowers? The purple is

  5. Hi Pat!! Three great shots for Belita's theme. Love the autumn heathers, great colours. I get a lot of that on the heathland here. Lovely shot of the sheep grazing, a scene very familiar to me every time I look across the fields opposite where I live. Tansy are a really interesting flower, they remind me of the centre of daisies without the petals. Great shot.

  6. Three nice photos for "many" theme.
    I like those sheep in the village, and the bright yellow in the last photo.

  7. Great shots. Love the looks of the Tansy. That could be fun with some micro shooting. Sheep look freshly shaved and happy.

  8. Wonderful captures Pat I like them all;)

  9. Hi Pat, I like your photos. The lavender is beautiful. The image of the sheep grazing is pastoral. Nice shot of the tansy. I like how you provided the German name of the flower.

  10. All three are absolutely beautiful,Pat. I love the one of the sheep. It has such a peaceful feel to it.