Friday, 9 August 2013

Picture This #212 ~ Wild Things

Wild things
Well being on the last day for the past weeks challenge  I figure being first this week will make up for it. He he. Thanks for this weeks theme Danette. 

Wild things being this weeks theme. I have one who is a little hurt over not making it in, as a theme. Oh well she will get over it.


But now with a few from my trip. Wild things on the beach.




  1. "Im staring you down."

    "Hey, li'l buddy, how ya doin'?"

    "Guys, fellas, isnt it about to time to take off?"

  2. Cats are never wild, they just have a different way of expressing things. Love the photo. I love your wild things on the beach.

  3. Hi Randall !! Great shots for Danette's theme....and early, too!!! LOL. I love that first one....that's a great expression you've captured, and love the 'voice' to go with it. Fabulous shot of the gull and his bigger friend!! That last shot is cool, too. I really like the 'ground-level' perspective.

  4. awwww tell kitty I am sorry
    I love the gull and pelican shot! So cute together :)
    Were you laying down in the last one? a great angle...

  5. Yes I was trying to get down to their level for that shot. So I had laid down to take it.

  6. Your cat looks rather disgruntled. Mine commiserates. That's a great shot of the pelican and gull; they look a bit disgruntled as well. Your gull picture on the bottom is magic, great angle, well worth the sand in your clothes.

  7. Lovely takes on the theme Randall;)

  8. Three awesome shots, as always... the third is my favourite... very very beautiful!

  9. Wow, Randall, you got in first this time. Love your cat , Mousie also agrees, will show you now now, she is wild enough and I have the scars to prove it LOL

    Pelican and Seagulls on what looks like a wild deserted very cold beach. Wonderful.

  10. all wonderful love the wild beach party lol

  11. lol, love the cat shot and caption. I saw that shot and thought this was Pat's entry!

    Cool shot of the pelican.( and friend) I have to add this:

    A wonderful bird is the pelican,
    His bill will hold more than his belican,
    He can take in his beak
    Enough food for a week
    But I'm damned if I see how the helican!

    by Dixon Lanier Merrit

    Nice eye level shot of the gulls, too.