Sunday, 18 August 2013

Picture This #213 ~ Views Of My Local Landscape

I love landscapes, and want to work on them as a skill. I didn't take any new pictures today, however, as we went to a vintage and antique car show, and maybe I will post some of those pictures in the future. Here are some landscapes from my library.
Not too far from me, Haennle Wildlife Refuge for migrating fowl. Much of Michigan has been turned into farm land so the Haennle family set aside some land for migrating ducks, geese and cranes to rest on their journey south.

Redwing nest
Also taken in the fall is this picture of reeds in a marsh with a redwing blackbird nest hidden in the lower left quadrant. When I walk by in the spring and summer the parents "shree shree" at me in protest.

Florida, Caspersen Beach, another gift to the earth by another family. They rented it to Sarasota County for $1.00 a year in 1968, then allowed the county to buy it for a fraction of what they could get from developers. This is local to me in February and March.

Ok, how evil is this of me. Not a landscape, but my favorite car that I saw today. A bonus shot.


  1. Beautiful landscape and field shot.

    Love the beach and the car

  2. Beautiful place where you live. I can imagine the field in the first photo teaming with wild life.That little bird is so sweet in the second photo, a good composition. You caught the beach at a good angle - and the car takes me back a little in time.

  3. Hi Benni !! Wonderful shots for Baz's theme. Love that first shot, reminds me of parts of the National Wetlands Centre here in Wales that I visit to photograph many waterfowl. Hats off to the Haennle Family for preserving lands for migrating birds. Wonderful shot of the reeds in the second shot. Took me a couple of seconds to spot the nest. Beautiful stretch of Florida beach in the third shot. Glad it was preserved and not allowed to fall into the hands of developers. Cool car in your bonus shot!!

  4. Lovely local views, I really like that beach shot, the colors naturally defined this composition, it's nicely balanced.

    ~ enjoy your day ~ :)

  5. Wonderful views, Benni. From the land for migrating birds (how lucky they are to have that beautiful stop-over)to the beach - I like that outstanding tree - to your favourite car, all are very good captures. Personally, I love the beachscape...

  6. The landscapes are lovely vistas but I like that bonus shot too! :)
    I like that you always give a little history with your photos!

  7. Beautiful landscapes and car LOL;)

  8. Nice shots, Benni. Love the seaside photo and THAT car! lol...we had a Bel-Air, when I was little. I loved to ride up in that rear window space, back in the days when we didn't wear seat belts. Our mom would just throw out her arm to the side to keep us from falling. Anyone remember their mom doing that? I still do it instinctively, even with my grown kids!

  9. Thank you all. I cannot imagine what I was doing that I did not stop by to say thank you to all who commented, but your words are much appreciated.