Saturday, 3 August 2013

PICTURE THIS #210 ~ CHILDREN by Marianne

Hi everyone, yes I know I am late, but rather late than never. I could have left the theme out, sure, but why when I have such lovely children to share with you? 

Anyway what would Mitch have to complain about if I did not as per usual mess up the schedule one way or another ............... just asking? *looks innocent*   if I have the time this weekend will try to do a blog and explain everything, sure you will all forgive me * bats eyelashes*

My first child is a cute little "man" I found irresistible at the Botanical Gardens with his parents. Rule  number one, always ask before snapping pics of children. 


My second child is one of my very favourite little friend Tato. He is the son of our housekeeper Beatrice's best friend Prudence and loves to come visit auntie Nana. This is an older photo of him, some of you might have seen it before. He was 4 at the time, he is now nearly 6 and soon ready for big school, which we are sponsoring his school bag and stationary, seeing that is our business. The lady Prudence works for is going to sponsor his school fees. 

This little lad  who no one seems to know is, have asked the whole family, was at Amy and Steven's wedding, watched me with the camera and again and again, begged me to take his picture. The excitement of wedding ceremony, food, music, dancing, seems to have made him quite glowing, unless he dipped into the punch. Adorable , anyway, I think ..........


My Bonus Shot, yes sorry, simply could not choose just 3,  is this adorable baby carried on his mothers back in true African style, my children were all carried this way by their nannies, when they were small. I could not get them to sleep but she could.   This is taken out at Heia Safari Ranch in the small curio shop they have there. We had breakfast and started chatting to the neighbours a lovely couple and she kindly agreed to a couple of photos. This one was my favourite.


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    1. Hey, Anders....where's your post for this week's theme? You're usually one of the first to post!!! LOL.

  2. Hi Marianne. Yes, late is better than never, I agree, but if at all possible try to get your entry in before the next theme is posted, the overlaps can cause some confusion.

    Anyway, you've posted four great shots for the Children theme. That first lil guy is really cute. Tato is such a happy looking child. He has a smile that could light up a room. I wonder if the 'mystery' child (or his family anyway) is from your original part of the world? He has a kind of northern European look.

  3. Sorry about the overlap, Mitch, I got up early this morning, to post as could not yesterday. You were early *grins*

  4. lol love it Marianne love your lateness and love your wonderful shots hugs and kisses <3

  5. How much I would miss if you hadn't posted these lovely four photos.... thanks, Marianne!

  6. Marianne, there's a song title "Saved the Best till Last" and these are beautiful photos. You are right about asking permission from adults before taking photos. I love the expressions on your little friend Tato and the boy at the wedding. The last photo is a great cultural image.

  7. Late maybe but wonderful shots;)

  8. What wonderful pictures of charming children! The first could be considered "Summertime Blue" as well. Very interesting about how children are carried. I am sure they feel secure next to the warmth of their mothers or nannies.

  9. Thank you so much everyone for your kind remarks and for forgiving me as per usual for my tardiness. *smile*