Saturday, 3 August 2013

Picture This #211 ~ Summertime Blue

Congratulations Mitch on the choice for the banner theme, a wonderful Mitch super photo.

Saturday morning I am in the middle of cooking lunch but have a few moments for my entry.

This is a nettle-leave bell flower according to Wikipedia. It just started to grow in my garden, probably something weedy. I had to support it as it became quite tall, but here it is, complete with wild life. Am now saving the seeds for next year.

Nettle leaved Bellflower

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago sitting in a street cafe in the town of Solothurn capturing a couple of roofs and top storeys of the old buildings. The blue sky is peeping through.
Friedhofplatz, Solothurn

Mitch and Baz probably call this a damsel fly, but to me it is a dragon fly. Anyhow who cares. This is a photo with a difference. He was just going to do a take off on the pampas runway I think.
Dragon fly on the pampas


  1. Very pretty flowers.

    A wonderful view of the sky.

    Love the iridescent blue of the damsel fly.

  2. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for suggesting the idea of posting one of my shots as banner. Something I wouldn't have done normally.

    Three really great shots for the theme. Weed or not, that bell-flower is beautiful and a great capture of the little hoverfly about to land in one of the bells. Nice second photo of summer skies over Solothurn. Great capture of the damselfly in the third shot!! Not easy to get a good shot from the head-on angle (believe me, I've got experience!! LOL), but this is fabulous. He really stands out against the green bokeh background.

  3. Nice colour and shape of those flowers. Love the angle in the second photo and the third is undoubtfully my favourite... fantastic shot!

  4. Lovely captures as always Pat;)

  5. pretty wildflowers, maybe honey makers :) nice sky view and a great head on photo of the dragonfly!

  6. Pat, the nettle bell flower is beautiful. If this is a weed it's something that I wouldn't pull out. Good capture with the bee gathering pollen inside the flower. Great blue sky. The shot of the dragonfly is well done. I like the bokeh effect of the background.

  7. Fabulous shots! I have bell flowers like that in my yard and they are very easy to grow. Like the little bee about to get some nectar. The sky is such a pleasant blue and the dragonfly a striking blue. Very nice all three.

  8. wonderful captures of your summer, Pat. Striking shot of the damselfly .......... *smile*