Saturday, 24 August 2013

PT CCXIV - Person, Place And Thing

My cousin and family at their wedding.

The Core is what remains of the old fortress of Helsingborg.

These lamps hangs over the serving cupboard in our living room.


  1. Hi Anders!! Three great shots for Debby's theme. Lovely shot of your cousin's wedding, a happy occasion. The fortress tower is very impressive. I really like the soft glow of the lamps in the third shot.

  2. Three beautiful captures my friend very nice work;)

  3. Three nice shots for the theme, Anders!

  4. Hi Anders, I like all three of them.
    I like the pink dress those little girls wearing, cool old fortress of Helsingborg. and I think I saw this elegant lamp in your other photos?

  5. Anders, what fine pictures! Your cousin's wedding is charming with the little girls in their sweet pink dresses! I love your shot of the Helsenborg castle; you've captured the majesty of it very well. And what a lovely glow from the lamps.

  6. Lovely family, Anders! I love the pink and white combination for the girls. They are all very pretty. Which is your cousin? The girl or the guy? Just curious. They make a handsome couple.

    The core looks like it would be fun to climb. Are people allowed to climb it?

    I love the warm inviting glow of the lamps in your last photo. Is a serving cupboard the same thing as a buffet?

    1. Thanks Debbby.

      The girl is my cousin. Indeed they do - they are very harmonious and kind.

      Yes they are - there was quite a few years when they werent due to rotted timber.

      Yes - the food are put on plates and bowls on top of it.

  7. Three very good shots. A lovely wedding photo Helsingborg romantic and nice lamps.

  8. Anders, you have a great set of photos to match the theme. The wedding photo is well captured. The expressions on everyone's faces radiates happiness. Interesting image of Helsinborg Castle. I love the warm glow of the lamps on the wall sconce.