Thursday, 8 August 2013

Picture This #211 ~ Summertime Blue

Summer Blue,

 kind of fit in with my vacation this past week. I am a little late getting it posted, because I just got home. Hey I still have one day left.

I spent the time at Rockaway beach in Oregon. The weather was very nice and cool. Back at home it was pretty smoky from the forest fires so it made for a nice change. Plus it was in the 90s, and on the coast it was in the 60s. Very nice indeed.

Here is two shots off the beach.

This one even has a castle's last standing moments.

Blue berry joy.


  1. Hi Randall !! Good to see you posting again. Better late than never!! Looks like a great place for a vacation!! Wonderful deep blues in the first shot. I really like how the light is catching the sand-castle in the second shot. Those blueberries look good, I could just eat some right now.

  2. Lovely rock.

    Beautiful sandcastle.

    Beautiful blueberries.

  3. Hi Randall, that looks like a wonderful holiday to me, blue sea, blue skies, sunshine and please oh please give me some blackberries for my cheesecake. Yummy! They look huge ?? The ones we get here in the supermarket at exorbitant price is very small. Lovely to see you back taking part.

  4. Lovely photos of the beach - a lovely place for a holiday. the blueberries were a super idea, really sets the atmosphere.