Saturday, 24 August 2013

Picture This #214 ~ Person, Place And Thing

Lovely banner photo from Baz at the top.
And thanks for hosting this week Debby with such a good idea.

My first photo of people is: what else could it be? Three jazz musicians having fun in a trio. The drummer is my husbands teacher, the bloke playing guitar a good friend of ours and an an excellent accordionist.
Silvano Borzachiello

The town of Biel/Bienne - one of their numous canals flowing into the Lake of Biel
Canal in Biel

And the object is a Solothurn police car
Solothurn Police Car


  1. Hi Pat! What a great picture up top. They look like they are having so much fun. The canal is very beautiful with its iron fence. Is that polizei car a BMW? I am really impressed.

  2. Cool photo of the musicians! Love jazz!

    The canal looks nice (and clean!). Love the decorative wrought iron fences. We have a canal close by called the Gowanus that I hear has undergone much clean up, but it still looks pretty bad.

    Nice new police cars! They look like little station wagons!

  3. I like the band, you captured the movement and expressions.
    Fabulous canal shot!

  4. Cool gang.

    Beautiful shot of the canal.

    Cool shot of the car.

  5. Hi Pat!! Three good shot's for the theme. Great shot of the jazz combo at their practice session (I assume). Excellent shot of the canal in Biel. That's very straight!! Not surprised the police have BMW's. Lot of criminals these days have fast cars, need something to keep up with them.

    1. Yes our police are spoilt with their cars, only the best. They also have nice guns and pens for writing fines for false parking.

    2. It wasn't a practice session, it was open day where anyone could go and have a look - drinks and food were supplied as well - it was fun.

  6. I like your three photos, very much!!! In the first, it seems they were having fun. Love the perspective in the second. Nice shot of the police cars.

  7. Pat, I like your photos. That is a good shot of the trio playing jazz. Nice shot of the canal. It's so clean! The police car is a good photo too.