Friday, 16 August 2013


Hello everyone - trying to be more or less on time, even if late so I don't get in trouble yet again with the bossman.

Congratulations yet again to Belita for the banner. Awesome

Great theme, Danette, sorry for being so tardy, have been busy, 
too many irons in the fire at once

Please all, do come visit my blog and see how busy I have been
excuse is very good, promise. 

I personally think we are a great group but to survive here on Blogspot, 
we have to learn to interact more with each other and 
also support each others blogs or we are flogging a dead horse on here. 

Back to our theme. 

Her Royal Highness, Her Honourable, 
Her Majesty  Princess Mouse Mouse
has checked out the other entries and says:
 "Wow, Wild , Roar"
Animal Stories Roar like a Lion

If that is not enough wildness for you, how about a wild giraffe, well the mother is a little bit tame, 
but she is wild for now : 
Lamina, the newborn giraffe foal out at my favourite haunt, Heia Safari Ranch, 
with apologies to those who have
 read my blog about it, already

Ok, wilder than wild, the upside down tree, 
the Baobab, from Zimbabwe

 2 wild Mousebirds catching the early morning sun rays 
in between some hopefully wild rainy clouds
  2 lttle mousebirds early morning

Have a wonderful weekend, see you tomorrow , 
for another great 
Picture This theme. 


  1. "Mau-wa-wa-wah."

    "Who goes there?"

    The Harry Potter Tree

    The Birds

    1. Thank you for visiting, Anders. Yes Lumina was not too impressed with this funny lady, following her.

  2. Living in South africa, I suppose you do not have to go far searching for wild life. Princess Mouse Mouse is not wild. She is just being as all good felines should.
    Of course, you have giraffes in the back yard. I have only seen them in zoos - what a great capture.
    A baobab - Never seen one like that before, great capture.
    Mousebirds are another newly discovered wild thing. Do you have catbirds as well. another good capture

    And now a few words to Blogger. I like blogger, I find it ok for challenges. Those that partake in challenges know where to find them. OK my site is WordPress, but I have found my place there - lots of comments, and I am at home. Blogger is my backup site.
    At the moment it seems to be fashion to make a group site in Facebook. A couple of the photo places I visit here are already there, as well as a writing group. I had a look and have already left the groups. If people want that, ok. but I am staying here. I am not keen on mass goods and not everyone is in Facebook, because they do not want to be in facebook. I am there, but for I, me and myself. Cross posting from WordPress blogs and a few long lost relations/friends as well as two closed personal sites. Otherwise I would have been gone a long while ago.

    1. I don't really have wild animals in my back yard, Pat. I do have to go search in wild life parks etc. They are not roaming free anymore. South Africa is very urban. I am just lucky not living too far from a lot of parks, so can go and visit. Kruger Park the biggest, nearly the size of Denmark, is 5 hours drive and Pilanesberg is 2 1/2 hours drive, but very expensive, they cater exclusive to upper class and tourists.

      As for your comments, I am well aware of your feelings, you have expressed it too on FB and I respect that. I visit your blogs when I can here on Blogger, when you post a link on FB or I pick it up. I was merely thinking it would be nice if we as a group supported each others blogs, but I am only aware of you blogging regularly. I cannot do any more groups, simply do not have the time to dedicate, as I work for a living.

  3. Princess Mouse Mouse looks ferocious in that pic!

    The giraffe is just beautiful!

    The baobab is such a magnificent tree.

    I love the shot of the birds in the treetops.

    I'll try to get around to check out your blog. You're right of course. If we want to be good neighbors we should visit now and then! (((hugs)))

    1. Do you blog Debby??? I would love your link so I can add you to my reading list.

      Thank you for your sweet comments, too and your visit. I am aware that you also work full time, so time constraints is really a difficulty for many.

  4. Hi Marianne!! Just about made it in under wire.......again!!! LOL. Love all your shots. Funny one of Princess Mousie Mouse singing. Was it a catcaphony, though??? LOL. Beautiful shot of little Lamina. So cute. Impressive old Baobab tree. Nice bonus shot of the mousebirds.

    I'll skip over the part about visiting each other's posts, as I always visit and comment on your posts. But I will add to what Pat was saying. I've noticed something of an exodus of groups to Facecrap recently, too. Rest assured, Picture This is staying firmly on Blogger. Although I'd like to get some new members in, so will be looking for suggestions of people to invite.

    1. "Facecrap"!! Kisses to you Mitch, you hit the nail on the head. (Even tho I am there.)

    2. I was on time, Mitch !!!!! Mouse was actually yawning, just woke up from a snooze, I took some pics of her sleeping and was lucky to catch this one too.

      I know you do, Mitch I don't always pick up your posts though, as you don't put a link and they tend to get lost in between all the challenges. Images and Words don't post in closed group as we do, so tend to flood my inbox, neither does Creative Challenge. I have some blogs I follow avidly, but none is members of this group or FB or ex Multipliers, just simply something interesting, South African blogs and news from h ere, that I enjoy.

      I was not being funny with my remark, or nasty, so please don't misunderstand, merely hoping we could support each oterh. I am not aware of anyone else posting on here, exept you, Belita and Pat. the only ones I ever pick up, so hoped maybe others would put their links here.

    3. I don't have you on Facebook or Facecrap or whatver, Benni, do I or are you incognito here or there? *winks*

    4. I know you weren't being funny or nasty. I'm not sure what you mean about me not putting a link though? I'm on your 'follow' list, so my posts should appear in your reading list?

      I guessed Mousie was yawning, but I thought it was funny to imagine her singing. Maybe doing a James Brown impression: "oooowww!! I feel good......" LOL.

  5. Marianne, I love your photos and you have great excuses to be late. That baby giraffe is so precious and the background looks hot and dry. Magnificent baobab tree. My favorite is Princess Mouse Mouse, what a great capture with her showing her deadly fangs to the world. And looking like she owns it.

    1. Thank you Benni and yes she does own the world. At least what she calls her world, our property and she is the undisputed Queen of 118.

  6. Three awesome shots...lots of wild things where you live! I saw the upside down tree on PBS, it is so good to see a photo of it from you. Quite impressive! The giraffe is gorgeous! Are those birds as big as they look?

    1. Thank you Danette. I simply could not post anotehr Lion or Elephant LOL

      'Those Baobab trees are awesome, especially in winter when they have no leaves on them. The Legend goes that they were complaining so much that God hurled them out the earth and planted them again upside down LOL Must look for the link to that old Zulu story, it really is interesting.

      A mousebird is a bit bigger than a budgie, but the length of their tails make them seem bigger. I have 5 tame one's in aviary. We hand reared one, acquired 2 from others that had hand reared meaning to set free, unfortunately they get so time, you cannot rehabilitate them. then they had babies in the aviary and now, I am stuck with them. You have to have a licence, as they are indigenous. I have a bird rehabilitation licence.

  7. three awsome shots my friend
    I am also on Blogger and 2 others blogger isn't interactive like I would like but Meznews is so is Blogster

    great theme

    1. HI Heidi, thanks for visiting, I see you on FB, not aware you were blogging. What is your link, my friend.