Saturday, 17 August 2013

PICTURE THIS #213 ~ Views Of My Local Landscape.

Good Morning all. Mitch asked me if I would host this week's theme, an offer I gladly accepted. 

I have always shot a wide range of subjects in my years as a photographer but my first love has always been Landscape.

For me landscape does not have to be on the grand scale although wind vistas are wonderful, for me it can be a small part of our environment whether it be Rural of Urban.

So for this weeks theme I have chosen " Views Of My Local Landscape". 

It does not matter if you're a town or country person, you're sure to have some shots of your local landscape.

Here are my selections for this week for the Rural environment that I live in.

Have a great weekend;)

View from the top of Hengistbury Head, Dorset, England


View of the New Forest in the early morning Mist. Hampshire England


View of Moors Lake in the summer sunshine, Dorset, England.


  1. Wonderful vista.

    Love the gentle pastels of morn.

    Very peaceful.

  2. what a wonderful theme Baz thanks a lot this is my kind of photography

  3. Hi Baz!! Many thanks for hosting this week's challenge. Love the theme you've chosen, should be one everyone can join in with.

    Lovely shot of the Dorset coastline, with all the breakwaters disappearing into the distance. The shot of the New Forest in the morning mist is just beautiful. It has a magical quality to it. Great shot of Moors Lake to finish with.

    1. Thanks Mitch it was a pleasure to Host this week;)

  4. Hi Baz, Great landscapes. Great theme! The second is my favorite. The early morning mist is so lovely.

  5. I love landscapes too, especially after growing up at the beginning of the No 8 bus route in London (you know where). I was deprived when younger, but now can make the most of it. you live in an ideal place for landscapes and I love all three photos.

  6. Beautiful views! Great idea for the theme...I love how you have incorporated water and land. The misty sunrise (or sunset) is very pretty, the pond is peaceful and the seashore view from the trail is enticing!

  7. Great theme, Baz. I like your top one, the woman in the picture (Marci?) adds a grand sense of perspective. The second is haunting with the mist and lovely earth tones. And your pond reminds me of one close to me, peaceful and a haven for small water fowl. I love the green reflections on the water.

  8. I really like that immense depth in your first photo!

  9. Excellent theme, Baz! Wonderful captures of three different landscapes, yet all are beautiful.... I really love the top one...