Saturday, 31 August 2013


Good to see the new banner! Congratulations, Benni!
Red is my favourite colour and my Red folder has many photos. The choice was not easy at all.

Carrying red traffic cones

Red Kiosk

Red Mugs

I think many of you have been having a warm or even hot summertime. Let's enjoy a red coloured refreshment. 
 I've no idea about its ingredients. I took the photo on my way to Bratislava Castle. 


  1. Red is indeed your color, Belita, and as I recall you wear red in your blogspot picture and it suits you very well. Great shot up top with the red traffic cones picked up by all the other bits of red in the scene. I love the red kiosk and the bright red mugs. My favorite is the pitcher of a red drink at the bottom; perhaps it has some spirits in it and we could all have a sip and sit on the wall and talk.

  2. Really cool capture the first shot, looks like he was shooting something high above. :)
    The last one is my favorite, with the greens around, the red mellows know only Red is too much for me. :)

  3. "Im one of the Conearms."

    Quite wonderful kiosk.

    Comes in handy to choose one with your initial.

    Look cool and delish.

  4. bom dia Belita, cool red pics. the one with the mugs is very good

  5. Hi Belita!! I knew from your page and some of your posts that red is your favourite colour, so I knew you'd like the theme. The guy in the first shot appears to be doing a dance while collecting the traffic cones. LOL. Also a red fire hydrant and a red sign in that same shot!! Love the little red kiosk in the second shot. Do you know what is sold there when it is open? The red mugs look great. They seems to be next to some books....was this taken in a bookstore? The drink in the last shot looks very refreshing. An eastern version of Sangria, perhaps?....or Pimms?

    1. The first one was taken in Lisbon downtown. You can see the red kiosk in a small square in Oporto. I took the photo of those mugs while I was looking for a Bratislava trave guide, at a bookstore that, other than books, also had on sale a wide range of articles such as the mugs. I have no idea if that was something like Sangria or Pimms. I remember it was at an Italian restaurant that had an outdoors area. During my stay, I never had any drink of that colour...

  6. Fabulous Belita, beautiful and creative images as always;)

  7. All great shots for the woman who loves red. I wonder if the guy collecting the traffic cones is listening to music. There seems to be a rhythm in his step. I like the red kiosk and the mugs in the store. The pitcher looks so refreshing on a hot summer day.

  8. Great photos Belita as always. they are all something completely different and I would not say which one I prefer most.

  9. The first shot made me smile. The kiosk is decorated very nicely. The mugs are wonderful, the white ones gives some added interest. Thank you for the refreshing drink :)

  10. Nice shots, Belita.

    I like the way the guy has put the cones on his arm as he's gathering them. Hereabouts they just toss them onto the back of a truck.

    The red kiosk really brightens up the square in Oporto.

    The cups, like the kiosk are so bright...really stand out in the picture. Eye popping color!

    The last is my favorite. It looks so refreshing!