Friday, 9 August 2013

Picture This #212 ~ Wild Things

I have been known to do a few wild things in my life, but that was in the dark past. NowI just let the others get on with it.

Some cows just do not like being in a photo

Luckily there was glass in between, otherwise I might not be here to show this photo

Me wild? Never, I am just misunderstood


  1. Hi Pat!! Three very differing shots for this week's theme. That first shot made me smile....I, too,have found that some cows avoid the camera, while others will move closer and pose for you!! The second shot is my fave, super shot of those tarantulas!! My favourite arachnid!! And of course, no collection of 'wild things' would be complete without the chief feline!!

  2. lol I have done a few wild things myself Pat...years ago...
    Cows like cats do have their individual personalities as you have shown us here... as for the spider ewww and yuk for me anyway LOL

    1. re: the tarantulas I probably shouldn't have eww and yuk, what I really mean is they scare the daylights out of me!

  3. Cows do make for some interesting shots, and yours also made me smile too. The tarantulas are huge looking in the shot as well. Did the kitty just wake up, or recovering form a spill.

  4. That cow is not wild about being in the shot, but it is an interesting shot. Nice picture of ::::shudder:::::: tarantulas. My favorite is your cat; looks like she's been in the catnip.

  5. "Whatchoo lookin' at?"

    "George, buddy, hows things in your neck of the woods?"

    "Im having some well-deserved me-time - so bugger off!"

  6. LOL Three great takes as always Pat;)

  7. Interesting shot of the cow... I dislike arachnids but your tarantulas shot makes me think in a different way at this moment ... I presume you know that the third is my favourite...

  8. According to my friends, I am totally wildly crazy mad, so with you on that one. Love your cows, they are actually so very much their own, much like cats, here today, wild tomorrow.

    A tarantula spider? I think these spiders are harmless to humans (except for a painful bite), we have huge rain spiders here, also hairy and they are quite aggressive, though they don't bite or anything, will give you the eye and puff themselves up and sidle up towards you instead of running away. .....very creeeeeepy .........

    I much prefer your favourite chief feline, as wild as Miss Mouse, I do as I please and just give me my food or else .......... I have the scars to prove who is boss. *smile*

  9. lol love te cow --te spider eeeeekkkkkkk the cat and the mouse wonderful

  10. lol, at that opening line and shot of the cow. She looks angry at having her picture made. Almost as if she's thinking, you'd better get that darn thing out of my face!

    Yikes, I'm glad to hear the tarantulas are behind glass! Scary things!!!

    Awwww, Nera looks so laid back and mellow in that shot. Hard to believe she has ever had a wild streak. But I'm sure there is not a cat that hasn't at one point or another.