Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Picture This #211 ~ Summertime Blue

Sorry I'm late. I haven't taken a lot of photos this summer, but here's my three.

Blue summer sky:


Great Blue Heron at Holmdel Park:


Blue and white striped top of the carousel on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City:



  1. Beautiful flowers. Amazing heron shot. Love the fairground scene.

  2. Hi Honey!! Three wonderful shots for the theme. Beautiful shot of the flowers against the summer sky. Fabulous shot of the Great Blue poser in the second shot. He seems to be saying "this is my best side......" LOL. Lovely shot of the carousel to finish with.

  3. Brilliant shots for this theme! I love the blue sky with the white flowers (hollyhocks?) and clouds. Those herons are wonderful, aren't they? Your take on that one is wonderful with the bright green background. Like the blue stripes on the carousel.

  4. Better late than never I always say, nice to see someone later than me for a change LOL

    Love love love the first shot of the bush with the blue sky behind, what kind of flowers are they? First I thought roses, then no ....... it looks like a white Hibiscus???

    The blue Heron is a fantastic shot and the carousel makes me think of happy children. *smile*

  5. Three beautiful blue shots, Joanne! How pretty those flowers are! The Blue Heron is really GREAT... Love carousels... they make me dream...

  6. three very good choices especially as we do not have herons where I live. Lovely blue sky and a good idea with the carousel.