Saturday, 10 August 2013

Picture This #212 ~ Wild Things

Sorry I haven't participated in a while. Busy moving and putting together IKEA furniture. We're about caught up and settled in now.

My contributions for this week are all wildflowers from Prospect Park, which is about as wild as it gets around here.

This first photo is of wild carrots or what is commonly known as Queen Anne's Lace:

The second shot is Woody Nightshade:

The last shot is Spotted Touch-Me-Not (Impatiens capensis):


  1. Wild things you make my heart sing - you make everything green.

  2. Hi Debby!! Was wondering where you had gotten to. Welcome back to PT. Three great shots for Danette's theme. I find Queen Anne's Lace a fascinating plant. The flat-topped group of flowers not so much, but the ball it forms (like the one far left) makes for interesting shots. Love that second shot!! Woody Nightshade is not a plant I'm familiar with, but it's beautiful, in a weird kind of way. The flower in the last shot is also unfamiliar to me. Looks like a variety of orchid. Great capture of the water drops on it.

  3. What stunning pictures! The QAL is lacey and delicate. I love the nightshade, it looks like an alien animal with its tongue out. My favorite is the touch-me-not with the jewels of water droplets captured so nicely by you. All of these flowers grow in profusion around my place and I like your portraits of them. (Nightshade is deadly poison, I do believe.)

  4. All three are beautiful.
    I never knew QAL was aka wild carrots!I like how your photo shows both stages (open and before opening).
    Woody Nightshade is something I have heard of but never seen, it looks about as wild as a wild flower could get,very cool! The Spotted Touch Me Not is very pretty especially with the water droplets hanging on for dear life :)

  5. Three wonderful colourful pictures. the flowers are new to me and are a real addition to my photographic experience. Love them.

  6. Beautiful shots of those delicate, yet wild, flowers...