Saturday, 24 August 2013

Picture This #214 ~ Person, Place And Thing

Hi Debby, thanks for hosting.  :)
Here are my three photos:  
 two monks I met in Spain

shadows found inside Alcobaça Monastery, Portugal
Alcobaça Monastery

flower captured in New York Botanical Garden
Garden 226


  1. Wonderful shot of them.

    Beautiful play of the light in the corridor.

    Exquisite flower.

  2. Hi Sophie!! Great to see you back as a regular contributor!! Great shot of the monks. Looks like they are hurrying to prayer. Beautiful B&W shadow shot inside the monastery!! You probably know from many of my posts that I love flower shots, so the third one I like a lot, too :-))

  3. Hi Sophie 3 beautiful captures for the theme very nice work;)

  4. Three awesome shots for the theme, Sophie! Were they Capuchin Franciscans? Nice editing in the first. Beautiful shadows and light in the second. Lovely flower in the third.

  5. I love the shot of the monks. I saw a group of monks at The Cloisters ( Museum of Modern Art) and wanted to photograph them, but they seemed so incredibly HOLY that I didn't want to interfere with what seemed to be some highly religious reverie over the artifacts being viewed. It was a tiny chapel with several sarcophagi in it.

    The monastery shot if my favorite. I adore architectural shots. I hope it is being restored. It's sad to see all of the broken pieces on the side, like a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be put together.

    Pretty flower. Looks like it got top heavy and toppled over. I haven't been to the NY Botanic Garden yet. So much to see and do here. I start school next week which will curtail our explorations of the city for a while. I'll only have Sunday's free.

  6. Good photo of the monks and I like the way you caught the monastry in monochrome. I very much like your upsidedown flower.

  7. Hi Sophie, I like all three of your photos. The photo of the monks going back into the abbey is done well in sepia tone. I love architectural photos too. I like the composition in the monastery. I like how you chose an upside down flower as the subject.